Bob the Drag Queen

The Next ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Winner?

No one knows the actual winner of course, at least not yet; however, Bob the Drag Queen certainly has gained a tremendous amount of well-deserved popularity in New York City in a short amount of time. The hilarious queen originally began as a stand-up comedian, and simply lives to make people laugh.

Get Out! spoke with Bob only hours after the New York premier of season eight of Logo’s super hit series “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” hosted by the sensationally talented Bianca Del Rio. Rushing to Chicago after a full night of entertainment and applause at the sold-out premier show, Bob the Drag Queen stepped off the plane and began the interview. One couldn’t ask for more dedication and professionalism than that.

How does it feel to be one of the most popular queens in New York, or maybe even the world right now?
Oh, I don’t know if that’s the case. In New York City every queen has their moment. Sherry Vine had her moment for a while, then Peppermint picked up the torch and then handed it straight to me. People are so used to my face.

Everyone went crazy when you were introduced last night.
It was a lot of fun.

What’s it like being on “Drag Race”?
It’s a really interesting experience, and there is nothing I can compare it to. I can’t say what it’s like; it’s really unlike anything. I think it’s one of the most revolutionary shows on TV, which is funny, because it started as a parody of a show, and now it’s doing great.

The show is amazing, as you said, like none other. How do you feel about your competition, because I feel like everyone is so talented?

There are some great queens. The New York City team is one of the best, as a group, teams that’s ever been on the show. Maybe it’s because we are all from New York City that everyone was going so crazy for us,  but tonight we are in Chicago, so let’s see how that goes. New York City, we slay. That’s what we do.

For sure. Where are you going with this after? I know that the show will enhance your career, whether you win or lose, but what path do you intend to take?
Even before I did drag, I was a stand-up comedian. I still will pursue comedy as my career. One day I might get away from doing numbers that aren’t mine. There’s only so far you can go with those materials.

The fact that you’re a comedian mainly, I feel,  sets you apart from the other girls.
Yeah, I’m the funny girl of the season. There are other funny girls, but my gift is the gift of gab.  I don’t do makeup and costume, hair and construction like these other girls do, so I gotta be funny.

Hey, you hold your own with costume and makeup. I’ll remind you of your Halloween cover. So what is your favorite part of being in “Drag Race”?
That’s a really tough question for me. Honestly, when you get a chance to display your work, when you can show people what you can do, it’s exciting.

Thus far, do any of the challenges scare you?
Not really, because I can do all those things on a basic level. I can do makeup, I can sew, I can sing and dance.

When we spoke last, you were in the process of doing a documentary. How’s that going for you?
Yes, a comedy special called “ A Queen for the People.” It’s going well. They are coming with me to film in certain towns.

Do you have to go to each one of the other competitor’s towns to be introduced?
No, we are only doing five cities. Actually, there isn’t anyone from San Francisco, we’re just doing that town. We have six girls in between New York, Chicago and Austin.

I feel like you New York City girls are almost like a team.
We are a team! Me and Thorgy, we know each other. Actually, they both have been doing drag longer than me. Thorgy and I started to rise up around the same time, so we know each other from that. Me and Acid Betty really bonded through this process.

I love Betty, but I think she’s a little scary.
She is scary! She would love hearing that. She would say, “Good!”
Drag Race airs Monday nights at 9pm on Logo.


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