The vibrant magenta sunset glistened over the Hudson River at Pier 97 in New York City, gleaming down upon the vastly spirited and high-energy crowd of fanatics, just as the audaciously, valiant punk-rock superstar Billy Idol commanded center stage. In a flash the sensual idol captivated the massive congregation with his overwhelmingly powerful magnetism and vivacious, animated talent, unique only to him.

Although we all had decades of advanced warning, the defiantly sexy Idol captured his audience like a huge solar storm filled with electrifying currents exploding in the galaxy like a supernova threatening to swallow the universe. I’ve been enchanted by many Billy Idol concerts through the years, but it seems, although unimaginable, each one gets better than the last.

On stage for nearly two hours, impassioned by his artistry, he performed selections from his newest release, “Kings & Queens of the Underground,” including “Can’t Break Me Down” and “Postcards From the Past.” Then out of nowhere, without prior warning, he defied the element of time and brought the fans back to 1976 and “Generation X” when he sang “Ready Steady Go.” Leaving no song unsung, he treated the vast array of admires (both male and female) to each and every favorite from “Eyes Without a Face,” “Dancing With Myself,” “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding” and an acoustically sexual version of “Sweet Sixteen.”

Aside from the titanic grandeur he embraces on stage, he has a special way of making each fan believe he is singing only to them, especially as he hands out Frisbees, autographed set lists and guitar picks. He even specifically threw out autographed drumsticks to 11-year-old Devin, accentuating his kindness, generosity and willingness to share himself. His whimsical repoire   with other band members (Steve Stevens in particular) proves to all that he actually enjoys being on stage and is having a blast himself.

Midway through the concert, Idol stepped back, lavishing the attention on Steve Stevens, who is truly one of the most competent guitarists in the world today, with millions of followers to his own credit.

Leaving the fans breathless, Billy ended the epic concert with “Mony, Mony” and his appreciation to his followers. He then pounded his naked chest, letting out, instead of a rebel yell, a tarzanic roar, leaving the already bewitched audience in a frantic frenzy.

Billy Idol is touring nonstop with a vengeance and is sure to visit your town. Do whatever is possible to make sure you are there!

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Eileen Shapiro
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