Bianca Del Rio Hostess of the 17th Annual Glam Awards

Hostess of the 17th Annual Glam Awards

Energetically darting into the shelter of the eccentrically decorated drag domain of Lips from the stormy, bleak New York City weather, the satirically humorous, wonderfully abusive, fabulously funny and internationally celebrated Bianca Del Rio, painted and dressed mostly in drag, quickly greeted nightlife’s talented elite and was then ushered into the dressing room beyond the stage.

Creator of The Glam Awards and nightlife celebrity personality Cherry Jubilee miraculously offered me the chance to join the spirited queen privately while she prepared for a photo shoot with the honorable victors of last year’s event.

As I watched Bianca apply her blood-red lipstick and glue her wig, I realized that when people beg you to insult them, as the world does to this dauntless queen, you’ve truly made it.

So what do these Glam Awards mean to you?
Oh, they mean a lot. They’ve been very good to me over the years, and I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a few years. A lot of fun. You get to hang out with everybody, and we get to see everyone in New York, which is rare, cause we all work, we all have schedules. So it’s nice for all of us to get together.

I’m so excited about your movie. Everybody else in the world is, too.
I’m very excited. Last night or the night before I saw a rough cut, and it’s actually much funnier than I anticipated, so I’m quite excited.

It’s always hard to watch yourself, so I didn’t have high expectations, but I am looking very forward to it.

I know you host a million things, but what is your favorite part of hosting these awards?
Oh, that I get to talk shit about everybody. It’s perfect.

Isn’t that always your favorite thing?
It is always my favorite thing, but this particular thing is when they really have a sense of humor. You know, everybody’s there. They say, “Oh, God, you’re being shady,” but that’s the best time to be shady, when you’re with the people in the room. You know, I love to shit talk when everyone’s around.

China says hi, by the way.
Oh, send her my love, I haven’t seen her. This summer I was only there once on the island, so I didn’t see China.

Next summer you can stay at the house with Colin.
I’ll do it, I just gotta find the time to do it.
I know, you’re the busiest queen in the world.

It’s good though—it’s better than the alternative. I’ve had that time when no one was calling, so it’s been a great thing.

I would doubt that.
Oh no, I’ve had it! I’ve had it. I was just in a cab for an hour and a half.

From where were you coming?
9th. It was like a nightmare.

So how long will you be in New York for?
I leave on the 1st. I have a gig on Halloween night, and I leave on the 1st. I’m in and out, like a good whore! I’ve been trying to get so much done, and it’s crazy. There’s just no time!

Bianca, when is the film coming out?
Next summer, we’re hoping. It’s an independent film, so it takes forever. It’s going to some film festivals, but it’s been a process, so they’re trying to get it squared away. My friend Matt that’s in charge of it all really has all the answers, but that is what he originally told me. This is good.  Then we’re going to get a real release.

Yay. Did you write it?
No, he wrote it. I’m in it, and Rachel Dratch from “Saturday Night Live” is in it, and also Alan Cumming, RuPaul.

That is so exciting.
Yeah, very exciting. There are great scenes.

At that point, I figured I would give her some privacy to finish getting dressed. Moments later she appeared magnificent as always, ready for her photo.

The 17th Annual GLAM AWARDS celebrates the best of NYC Nightlife in categories like “Best DJ”, “Best Host”, “Best Dressed” and “Entertainer of the Year”! The event is hosted by Bianca Del Rio and will include special performances by Aquaria, Big Dipper, Bootsie Lefaris, Brenda Dharling, Brita Filter, Crystal Osbourne, Marty Thomas, Mila Jam, Miz Cracker, Monica Blewinsky, Sweetie, Terra Grenade, Tina Burner and Will Sheridan.

WED, NOV 18, 2015
AT 9:00 PM

605 W 48th St.
New York, NY 10036





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