Bells Roar


“Second Chances Vol. 1″

Bells Roar,  is about to celebrate the release of her powerful new E.P. ” Second Chances Vol. 1″, is destined to hit the streets with a vengeance, on Nov. 13th. It is a socially conscious, synthpop creation that can potentially change the fate of the nation, focusing upon the desire to push back white supremacy.

The mastermind of Bells Roar, Sean Desiree is a member of the LGBTQ community and often reflects such in her music. However her current E.P. Is sensitive and haunting, as well as compelling. Sean plays guitar, bass, and drums and produces her material on this solo project as well.

The music of Bells Roar combines synth pop, with a fusion of hip hop beats, and R&B vocals, both strong and riveting. “Passing Down” has a unique, inspirational sound, boarder line gospel, with outrageous harmonies, and interesting beats. The lead track “Black Lives”, contains a message with an uncommon and exclusive musical composition. The second to last track, my personal favorite, “Step Up, Step Back”, showcases Desiree’s voice which is one of a kind.

The songs all confess some quiet drama and topics relevant to today. Sean Desiree is currently on tour, brining her voice, perhaps the voice of her generation from Albany, (where she is from), to Brooklyn, and all the way to the West Coast.