Beat Box – Winter’s Hottest Tracks


By Jimmy Newsum

Baby, it’s cold outside. Pack away those summer jams for another day; it’s officially time to chill to some new beats. These songs are season-appropriate in the best way, from lovesick ballads to all-night party jams. Here are the sounds you should be adding to your personal playlists right now.



John Flanagan and Ashley Morgan are a folk duo, but their latest single leans more country than twang. Written by Flanagan and Jeston Cade, the song shines the spotlight on Ashley Morgan, who flexes some serious vocal chops. Some will miss the harmonies that make this duo so special, but give the song a chance. The raw quality of Morgan singing alone without backup makes perfect sense for a brooding song that reflects on memories of a relationship long gone.


“Give a F-ck”

John Duff

There is no hidden message in Duff’s R&B track. Its opening lyric refers to his desire for connection and his disdain for masturbation. The piano intro is followed by lush accompaniment, dramatic turnarounds, and clever wordplay before escalating into its soaring, octave-jumping climax.  Written by Duff and produced by Alex Delicata (Rihanna), it’s his most Mariah Carey/Babyface-inspired piece yet.



Kory Burns

Produced by Sean McMillion (Nicki Minaj) and Carlos Battey (Grammy winner for the David Guetta One Love Club Mix of Madonna’s “Revolver”), the upbeat single is reminiscent of 90’s smooth crooners who were always inviting that special someone home to put nothing on…but the radio. It’s a fun and flirty track that celebrates being single and doing what, when and who you want.


“A Part of Me”

Yanni Burton

Yanni Burton turns the spotlight on his own struggles of moving on from past relationships in this dreamy and trippy single. Though darker and more emotionally intense than his previous releases, it still contains the pop/dance feel the artist has become known for. As heavy as the lyrics may seem, the beat allows listeners to cut loose a bit.


“Disco Dance”

Guy Scheiman

Guy Scheiman delivers another hand-and-arm-raising track that urges listeners to forget all the mess that has been brought on by the pandemic. It’s the perfect beat to transport you back to the dance floor while you’re sweating alone in your home gym.


“Ridin’ This Wave”

N0t Listed

The love child of La Bouche and NSYNC, this debut single from NYC’s hottest new band is a downcast, electronic pop song that flawlessly combines R&B vocals with fierce house beats. About the magic of instant attraction, the single is super dancey and 90’s poppy, with a beat and hook all its own.



John Chandler

Each single on John Chandler’s new Running, Missing, Changing, Growing EP tells a unique story with sad but hopeful lyrics set to piano, guitars, and minimal drums. “Missing” chronicles the artist’s road to self-discovery, where he questions if he is in a healthy relationship, working the right job and living in the ideal city. Produced by Joe Crow and cowritten with American Idol finalist Brandon Rogers, the emotionally charged track sets Chandler on a journey that finds him making some major life changes and in the process, writing an incredible song.


Get Out! Contributor

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