‘I’m Still Herr’

After a year of absence from the New York nightlife, the beautiful and sexy actress Barbra Herr has returned with a vengeance. She is set to showcase her one-woman cabaret show in March, and will also be promoting a brand-new Latin night coming soon as well. Briefly, Herr is a member of the transgender community, who grow up in the Bronx before being trans was chic. Although never having the surgery, she lives her life as a woman, and a very feminine one at that. She is an actress, a singer (using her own voice I might add) and an extremely vivacious personality.

Barbra, I understand you have some events coming up shortly. Please tell us about them.
Well, I’m back in New York. I was away for a year in Puerto Rico, taking care of my father. I’m back here now and settled, and I have my show, “I’m Still Herr,” which is a cabaret/theater performance. It’s being performed again at the BAAD! Theater in the Bronx. It debuted in 2014 at The Duplex. Also, I have a new Latin Monday night at a club in Midtown, which is opening up.
Tell us first about the cabaret show.
It’s a whole different kind of performance. It will be held at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD! Theatre). This performance is part of the BAADAss Women series.
So you are an entertainer?
Actually, I’m an actress. It’s directed by Luis Caballero. He is an ACE Award winner and a Helen Hayes nominee. It’s written by Rob Bailey-Millado, and musical direction is by Rachel Kaufman.
What can your audience expect to see at I’m Still Herr?
This show was conceived when I was leaving New York. It was sort of a goodbye piece, but then when I came back we turned it more into a welcome back piece, because it’s the story of my life, from the time I was born until now, today. I’m covering pretty much my entire life and career, with stories mixed with slideshows, and of course it’s a monologue. It’s 90 minutes with music that I sing live. It’s a really, really great theater piece. It’s something that should be seen, because it brings awareness to how trans living was when it wasn’t quite so cool. It includes growing up in the Bronx in the ‘60s and how difficult it was for people like me.
How interesting and relevant. When is this going to happen?
The weekend of March 18 and 19. There will be two performances. It’s really an evening of wonderful theater. It’s been sold out both times that we have done it. Both times it was a sold-out crowd. We are bringing it back because people want to see it.

You also have a new Latino night coming up.
I hosted a Latin night at The Monster for eight years. It was a very successful evening, but I’m no longer there. People are looking for a new Latin party, so I am, for the first in my life, promoting my own party at a new place. It’s a Latin night called Rumba Latina. I am promoting it and performing. It’s going to be at Club Evolve. This is on E. 58th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Opening night is March 7.
You’re a busy lady!
Well, now I am. I was always busy, and then I came home and there was no work. So when there’s no work, I make up my own. You got to do it to survive. After March 7, it will be every Monday from there on. It’s going to be a Monday night thing. It promises to be a whole new concept in the Latin experience. Everyone is welcome. It’s going to be a fun, fun night, with different guest DJs, and of course sexy go-go boys, a night of salsa, music and just good old fun.
I wish you lots of luck in both your new endeavors!