Caught your attention, right? Well good, and you’re kind of right by what you’re thinking, except this is a tamer and PG-rated version. These big balls that I am referring to are volleyballs, ya nasties.

Before I moved up to this amazing city, I played volleyball on my high school’s team, then graduated to competitive beach volleyball and following that was college. Once I graduated, there wasn’t much playing that happened, if you know what I mean. Seriously, I’m talking only about the game. Get your minds out of the gutter.

After around my first month here in this pace-setting city, I was prancing my happy ass around Central Park, sporting my “Sorry for Partying” tank top and trying to get into a New York shape of mind (that was not a typo, don’t worry). As I was pouring down sweat and panting for dear life, I noticed balls bouncing up and down in the background of a field that I was across from. Yes, you heard me right. Right in the middle of the park were volleyballs bouncing up and down on concrete courts facing the skyline of the best city in the world! What else did you think I meant?

Typical me, I jogged over and asked if they were playing pick-up games, and they politely invited me in to join. Super sweet of them! As I was playing, I found out that this was a gay volleyball league with a membership count of around 5,000, and I could just not stop smiling. I should’ve guessed it was a gay league when I saw one of the players, now friend, wearing Andrew Christian underwear that was popping out over his athletic shorts, but that’s beside the point.

The reason why it was so great was because when I lived in Florida, it was like pulling teeth to get people to play my favorite sport (aka volleyball), and there already weren’t a ton of momos that played in my city. So, this was just serendipitous. They welcomed me in and offered the bountiful food that they had at this picnic they were hosting, and me, not wanting to look like a heifer in front of these guys, of course declined.

I later found out that the league is called Gotham Volleyball and became friends with many of the members. They have been inviting me to play in various tournaments and pick-up games, and, of course, I have been attending. Even enough to the point where I joined the volleyball league this past weekend – and made the team. Holla!

Honestly, this city just keeps getting better and better. Especially now, since volleyball has spiked its way back into this momo’s life.

Go. Yay. Rah!