April 15th at XL

Internationally acclaimed DJ Aron has once again agreed to speak with Get Out! magazine about his fabulous new projects. He continues to spin worldwide along with talented singer Beth Sacks. The two have been working together for quite some time now, both nationally and internationally, and have released a remix of Abba’s “Voulez-Vous,” which is accompanied by a new video featuring the two.

So Aron, what have you been up to since we spoke last?
Aron: I’ve been working and busy playing all over the world in big parties, and in between stopping in New York and making new productions, including “Voulez-Vous” and a brand new song “Satisfaction,” along with my new hit remixes of “Runnin” and “Formation.”

I understand you’ve released a new video. Tell us about it.

Aron: “Voulez-Vous,” originally by Abba, was a favorite song of mine. The idea came to me one afternoon while working on music, and I thought it would be a great idea to remix it with my singer Beth Sacks. It’s always great to remix a classic. “Voulez-Vous” is our biggest hit to date, and so I had to make a music video which has had such an overwhelming response with over 500,000 views and 10,000 shares on the first day of the release!

What parties are coming up next for you?
Aron: Many Gay Pride parties all over Europe, as well as big parties in Brazil, the U.S., Colombia, Puerto Rico, Madrid and Thailand. I am very excited to come back to New York City to play for the Mars event at XL on April 15th!

Beth, you’ve been working with Aron for a while now. How is that working out? do you travel to the circuit parties together? 
Beth: I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with top international producer DJ Aron for over four years now, and I have to say that it has been and still is an amazing music team. We just work really great together and have produced many of our tracks have gone on to become dance floor anthems that play all over the world! Yes, Aron and I do get to travel together quite often, and for me that’s so important, because it’s our work we are performing together for the fans that follow us all over the world!

What is the biggest party that you are slated to do this year?
Aron: I will be headlining for one of the biggest parties for New Year’s, and it will be my first time in Bangkok for the White Party.

Beth:  I will be performing at The Week Club in Brazil with DJ Aron in May for São Paulo pride.

Beth, do you have a favorite party that you have done with Aron?
Beth: That’s a hard one, because I have loved all of the parties I have done with Aron, but one of my favorites would be WE Party. Some of the biggest and best productions!

What’s next for the two of you for 2016 and beyond?
Aron: My vision is to continue to create great original productions and produce more music videos for our songs, as I find that visuals along with the music is something the followers really appreciate and want, as well as continue creating hit remixes.

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Video Shot By: Marco Ovando
Album Cover Art: Marsin Digital