Amanda Rose O’Connor known by her stage name Aro Rose, is quickly and quietly stealing the hearts of those she touches. She recently released her new single “Damaged” an inspiring song which she hopes will let listeners know that no matter what life brings to you, it is still possible to accomplish your dreams.

Aro Rose just came off of performing at “SohoJohnny Presents The Let Me a Help, Inc, 9/11 Music and Fashion Week Celebrity Benefit Gala Concert” benefitting “Operation Warrior Shield”, an organization providing service dogs to wounded veterans. She not only performed her single but also sang “All Is Found” from Frozen 2 as a tribute to her own mom who died in 9/11 when she was only 2 years old, and in memory of SohoJohnny’s mom who passed last year from covid.

I spoke with ARO Rose regarding her career, her future endeavors and her new release ….

What inspires the lyrics and music to your original songs?
I really like to write about my life experiences and struggles that I have faced. I think putting real emotion into the lyrics make a powerful song. I also get a lot of inspiration from movies, I love writing about scenes or characters I look up to.

When do you first realize that you wanted to be a recording artist and actress ?
I’ve always wanted to have a career in the arts from the very beginning. I was always fascinated with the idea of acting & creating music. I love the creative process, it’s a great way of connecting with people.

You just came off big celebrity 9/11 charity event performance, what made that special for you ?
I was truly honored to perform at the 9/11 concert. I wanted to honor my mother that passed away on 9/11. She always wanted me to pursue music. It was beautiful taking a sad day and turning it into something hopeful.

What message or messages do you hope listeners get from your new single “Damaged.”
I would like people to truly connect to the song. I believe no matter how damaged you are, there is always hope to fulfill your dreams. It’s okay to accept that you’re hurting but you should never give up. Always carry on, even if it’s hard.

What is your most important goal ?
I would love to create a fan base that is like family. Where we can bond over the songs. Music is a beautiful way of connecting with people and if I could make one person feel less alone I will feel like I’ve succeeded.

What have been your biggest challenges and most triumphant victories thus far?
Making my first album was quite difficult but it was an amazing creative process. I really put all my feelings on the line and tried to be as authentic as I can. I like to consider my songs like a journal. I’m hoping there’s people that may feel similar.

Who are your most valuable influences and why?
I’ve loved Adele and Lana Del Rey for so long. They’ve been incredible influences in my life. Whenever I was going through a difficult time I would listen to their music. Their music really connected with my soul and for that they’ve inspired me to create my own.

Where do you hope to be in five years?
I want to tour someday, I think performing concerts is a thrilling experience. It’s an amazing feeling connecting with the audience.

Tell me something about you that no one knows yet?
I love to draw, I usually draw a picture that goes with every song I create. I find that drawing helps the musical process. When I see an image on paper it can help me develop good lyrics.

What is next for Aro Rose in 2021 and beyond?
I will be releasing my first album. I’m very excited, every song has a different meaning. I think people will genuinely relate to it. I think there’s a song for everyone on it. I’m looking forward to the future.