‘Music isn’t just a song; it’s a piece of someone’s heart’\

Possessing one of the coolest and most impressive energies I’ve ever encountered, Aris is a young, handsome and talented artist about to come out with his new album called “Pulse.” He will also be performing at the LGBT Expo on March 1 at the Jacob Javits Center.

So tell me about your new album.I’ve been working on it for a year and a half. It’s a little different from my last album, which was primarily like a rock, pop, alternative album. The new album will be dance at its core. I just wanna have fun, lift people up.

So you will be performing at the Expo—you must be excited.
I am. I have a long history with the Expo. I’m very excited. I think it’s a great setup.

What can we expect?
Definitely some great beats. I might even have a special guest.

Where do you usually perform?
I’ve performed all over the city: Bitter End, Webster Hall, Friday I’m going to be at BPM. After the Expo, which I’m performing on March 1, on Friday, March 6, I’ll be performing at Triads with a few other of the nominees of the “Out” Music Awards.

How long have you been singing?
I had music around me from the youngest age at home. My mom actually toured as a belly dancer.

How cool.
And it’s so cool to me. She taught me how to dance. She was definitely an inspiration to me. She was a big lover of music, and there was always something playing. There were these embarrassing photos of me in diapers, kind of dressed in drag, singing. I always loved music, and at a very young age I was always singing. My friends and my fans are my family. I think people are realizing that it’s not only music, it’s a piece of someone’s heart. So I’m looking forward to the future, sharing my heart with everyone. The only reason I wanted to get into this professionally was if I can touch one person. All the effort, all the money that I’ve spent, it’s like a chain reaction.

So what’s the name of your new album?
The new album is called “Pulse,” like our blood pulse. I will probably be premiering the first single in the summertime, officially, and then the album will come out in September.

I’m looking forward to seeing you perform at the Jacob Javits Center on Sunday, March 1!

Eileen Shapiro

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