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Andy Cohen, who oversees programming and has his own talk show on the Bravo network, is responsible for hit shows such as “Top Chef,” “The Real Housewives” and “Million Dollar Listing,” among others. The out gay network executive goes behind the scenes in this exclusive interview with Get Out!

Your life has always been structured around strong women, from your mom, Evelyn, to the iconic Susan Lucci to the Housewives. How do you think these women helped shape who you have become?
They’ve inspired me, amused me and probably empowered me to be bold and unfiltered.

You’ve had so many fantastic experiences, from hitting the road with Dan Rather to getting to cover such news stories as the Oklahoma City bombing, and of course, dancing with the B-52s! What is left to do on the “Andy Cohen Bucket List”?
That’s a good question! I’m going on the Howard Stern show to promote my book, which I’m really excited about. I would love to jump out of a plane sometime. And fall in love again.

What do you think it takes to be in front of the camera, be it as a “Top Chef” contestant or as a potential “Housewife”? Is there a formula that you look for when casting?
We look for bold, unique personalities and people with something to say. For “Chef” and other competition shows, we are looking for talented people.

Why do you think gay men gravitate toward the Housewives so much? Specifically, NeNe Leakes (Atlanta) and Lisa Vanderpump (Beverly Hills) are favorites. Lisa even got to be the Queen of the White Party!
That’s a great question. I think gay men, like me, are attracted to fierce women with big personalities. There’s an element of camp in all the Housewives that draws us in like moths to a flame. And we like humor, and these women are funny.

Speaking of the Housewives, you dedicated one chapter of your book to the reunions. Why do you think they are so explosive so often? What’s your favorite memory from a “Housewives” reunion?
They’re explosive because it’s the forum for getting everything off their chests that they’ve been sitting on all season. There are “issues” that need resolving, and we aren’t leaving until everything is talked out, one way or another. Usually I am happiest when I’m reminiscing with my colleagues over a drink after the taping about all the wild stuff that happened during the course of the day. I always am excited when something funny happens.

What’s next for Andy Cohen?
This book and more “Watch What Happens Live”! I’m looking forward to going out and signing books, and just continuing having fun in the Bravo Clubhouse.


– By Michael Cook






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