Photo By: Virginia Faulkner

Strikingly handsome and adorable Allen Lloyd—who has a personality to match his physical appearance—lives, plays and acts in New York City. Although seemingly shy and mysterious at first, Lloyd has a unique and low-key temperament that is hard to resist. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Allen, hear him sing and admire his creativity, and I am especially honored to call him my friend.

You’ve been very busy since you moved from Long Island into the city. What have you been doing?
I have done a variety of background work, like “Girls” and “The Normal Heart.” I had some decent screen time in that. I was in an episode of ID Discovery where I got to portray Michael Alig, my dream role. There was an episode called “Deadly Devotions.” It was about Michael and Angel. It was a weird dream that I got to do the show.
Wow, and you were in “The Normal Heart”?
Yeah, I was background in that, but I got to do some prominent scenes in it. It was a great experience. I got to work with Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch. Mark Ruffalo kind of stayed to the side, but everyone that worked there was just so kind, pleasant to work with. It was just a wonderful thing to be a part of. I was very lucky that I got placed where I was in that shot.

Keep going…
I got to work on an independent film shot on Long Island. I worked as a first team production assistant. I worked very closely with Annabella Sciorra; one of her prominently known films was “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams where she played a widow. That film changed my life.

I hate to bring this up, but I’m going to anyway. Before you moved to NYC, and when I first met you, what were you doing?
When you met me, I’m pretty sure I was go-go dancing for one of the parties out on Long Island.

Nope, I think it was worse than that. I think you were a clown.
Oh, God, yeah. No, after I go-go danced I became a clown. I kind of took a step backwards. I was working as a birthday party clown.

So you also sing, and you have a great voice. Are you still singing?
Thank you. I do. Not as often or in as many auditions, but I sing in an open mic at the restaurant I work at currently, Room 53. We have so many different pianists that come in and play and a variety of vocalists that come in to sing. Especially when I’m working, it’s really nice ‘cause everybody asks me to come up and sing. It’s not really the life I thought I’d be living, but I love being a part of the open mics, being able to just sing for the sake of singing, not necessarily for a paycheck, but just because it’s something I like to do.

So what life do you wish to be living then?
The life that I’d like to be living? Well, obviously the life of a successful and working actor, just one of happiness I guess really, where I’m not stressing about what I’m doing tomorrow or what am I gonna be doing in a year—kind of a peaceful life. That’s the true answer to that question.

So what’s up for you in the next couple of years, what do you think?
Not that I don’t wanna pursue acting, but I am working on writing plays and short stories. It’s always been a hobby of mine, but I’ve decided to make it a little more. I try and write every single day now, and I thought I’d start publishing them through Kindle.

And what’s going on personally with you?
I’m a single New York boy. I just make friends, enjoy the city. I live in the Hell’s Kitchen area, midtown, and I pay a pretty penny for location. I work and play like everybody else does. I try to enjoy each day and look forward to the next and not make too many promises to myself, and push myself a little more each day so I’m not leaving anything a mess.

If you were a porn star what would your name be?
I actually never thought of that. Theo Bailey.

Let’s say you’re on “American Idol.” What song would you sing?
“New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel.

I grew up with Billy Joel. Whenever I heard it, it reminds me of home.

What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
There’s a long list. I can only pick one?

I just find him really hot—Henry Cavill.

Someone just wrote the story of your life. What’s the title?
“A Beautiful Mess.”

What’s the one thing that you want me to know about you that I don’t already know?
You know almost everything.

Pretend I don’t.
I’ve always had this huge desire to be an astronaut.

Who would you take on a date to outer space?
Probably one of my best friends. It wouldn’t be a date ‘cause she’s a girl, but she and I would have the most fun up there.