Studio Square, 35-33 36th Street in Long Island City, has always prided itself on the diversity of its clientele and has supported the LGBT community since the Garden’s opening in 2009. Openly gay General Manager Jason Buro has been encouraged by the owners of Studio Square (Larry Cerullo, Taso Pavlou and Steve Tallides) to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all.

When Jason was first getting involved in the opening of Studio Square it was extremely important to him to have the Garden reflect the diversity of Astoria and Long Island City. He did this not only in the staff he hired but also the general feel of the Garden itself. Having been incredibly lucky to be supported by an amazingly loving and accepting family, Jason always heeded his parents’ advice to keep his social circle as diverse as possible, gay and straight alike. This was the driving force behind his design of the Garden. An optimistic but hopefully not naïve idea that there could be a large social gathering place made for all people, where different types of people and cultures could enjoy themselves, where all people could see beyond their differences and enjoy life together. Basically, a place where all are welcome.

Last year Jason and the Queens Pride Committee organized the first Pre-Pride Party at Studio Square to kick off Pride Month. It was a huge success, and Jason saw his dream come to fruition as nearly 800 members and supporters of the LGBT community sat intermingled with the rest of the Garden’s clientele, and everyone had an amazing and fun evening together. Local politicians came and supported the event, and a new tradition was started.

On Thursday, May 31, Studio Square is thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual Pre-Pride Party from 6 – 9 p.m. Drink specials, a DJ and some live acts will help to create a fun atmosphere for all. We would love to see everyone come down and help kick off Pride month together. Hopefully we can all unite to support this new tradition and reach out to all five boroughs to come together for a fabulous party to help celebrate our Pride month as one.

Studio Square
35-33 36th Street
Long Island City, NY
(718) 383-1001