Out hip hopper Andre Xcellence returns to the dance floor this week with “I’m Coming,” his highly charged club-banging EP of truly Xcellent music that he calls the soundtrack of his life.

Being released in partnership with Priority Records Capitol UMG, “I’m Coming” is a masterfully produced, lyrically enticing EP where multiple genres intersect.

It features five party tracks beginning with “Go Wild” (a reimagined cover of Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” that also acts as Andre Xcellence’s self-proclaimed mission statement), “So What?” (a new millennium celebratory anthem that reminds clubbers to check their politics and prejudices at the door as neither has a place on the dance floor), “Holy Ghost” (a frantic medley of high energy mash-ups), “Off The Drank” (a collaboration with Xcellent Music’s newest find, Tito JustMusic, that is also a dark ode to party girls that don’t know when to call it a night) and “Where Are You” (a lush, pop smash featuring up and coming pop sensation, August).

I’m Coming” is available now on all streaming platforms.

“My music’s evolution comes from my life experiences,” explains Andre Xcellence from his home in Los Angeles. His name, given to him by his fraternity brothers, is a nod to his never ceasing strive for perfection.

Past dance smashes from Andre Xcellence.

He lives by the motto: always strive for Xcellence and have fun doing it. “I see myself as an innovator like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and James Brown,” he continues.  “I aim to be the voice of the voiceless with positive, inclusive music.”

That includes the LGBT community and other subsets that have traditionally been shunned by the mainstream.  In the hook of “So What,” Xcellence makes a point of inviting everyone to the party: “So what, you’re gay and you came to party,” he sings.  “So what, you’re straight as long as you party…”

The ‘I’m Coming’ EP is a bridge to what is to come next from Andre Xcellence. As to what that is, he’s playing it coy.   “In the danger room on Mount Xcellent, we preach omerta,” he laughs, referring to the mafia code of silence where gangs refuse to cooperate with authorities. “If I absolutely had to describe what’s coming, it would be ‘whoa’ and ‘titillating’.

Earlier this week, Andre Xcellence revealed a hint of what might be in the works. He released a teaser video that starred him alongside fashion, entertainment mogul and reality star, Blac Chyna.  In press interviews, Xcellence mentioned “how positive and truly brilliant and amazing she is” to work with.

Andre Xcellence’s “I’m Coming” is available now on all streaming platforms.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram @ andrexcellence.