Wilhem sulay, the reigning Mr. Gay New York, is a sweet and fun-loving person. sulay hails from Puerto Rico and happens to be hot, sexy and a talented dancer as well. He is no stranger to the pageant world either, as he holds several titles.

Mr. Gay New York will be crowning Miss Get Out! Magazine on November 10 at The Monster. sulay
and I had a lighthearted conversation about pageants, titles and life.

So how many times a week do you visit the gym?
Five times. I’m going later.

Besides being Mr. Gay New York, what else do you do?
I have worked in a retail store for nine years, and I have one more year to finish nursing school.

You’re studying to be a nurse? Nice.
Yes. I also like dancing and modeling. This is me.

What made you decide to enter the pageant?
I competed in a few pageants. I was in Chicago for a pageant. Then I took my luggage, my stuff, and I won.

How excited were you to win? You must have been so happy.
Of course. Now I’m getting ready to compete in Texas.

So you go all over the country to compete?
Yes. Now I go to the finals to compete with the other guys. I’m Mr. New York.

I hope you win. Where are you originally from?
I am from Puerto Rico.

How do you think winning the title has helped your modeling career?
First I need to focus on my diet. I don’t drink, and I don’t use drugs, but some people don’t believe that. When I’m in the club I am super high and a little crazy. Some people think I take drugs, but I tell them I don’t. I’m just like that.

High on life?
[laughs] Yes. That’s where I have my energy.

What is required to win a pageant like Mr. Gay New York?First you have to pay the fee to enter. That was $100. Second was an interview. They ask questions like “Who are you?” and “What do you do?” Then there was a presentation wearing club wear. The other part is talent. The last part is formalwear.

What did you do for the talent part?
Charlie Chaplin. Everybody loved me; they thought it was so cute. Are you familiar with Mr. Continental in Chicago?

Yes, I am.
I came in second. I am also working very hard with the bar called Therapy to make more money for the flight.

What do you do at Therapy?
I’m supposed to be in this Thursday night’s show.

Did you ever do drag?
On Halloween.

What is your favorite color?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Is he supportive of pageantry?
Yes. Sometimes he likes it, but sometimes he doesn’t. He gets a little jealous. When he’s there, everybody comes over to me. But he’s happy when I win.

I bet. Do you hold other titles?
I have a few crowns this year.

For example?
I won Mr. Majestic in D.C. I won Mr. Glamour in Washington. In North Carolina I won another national title. I represented in Mr. Continental, and now I won Mr. New York.

Congratulations on all of your titles. You are all over the place.
Yes, and for each pageant I never wear the same clothes. I change everything. I need to do something different.

The same people must go to a lot of the same pageants, correct?
Yes. When I was in Mr. Continental, there were 29 guys. There was swimwear, formalwear and talent. I did it twice.

Well, I hope you win it next time.
I hope so!

What is your favorite part of the pageant, besides winning?I like the talent.

And you’re a dancer?
Yes, I’m a dancer. I like doing different characters.

So was there anything else that you would like to promote for yourself in the magazine?
I’m a good guy: passionate, friendly and loyal.

I will see you at the Miss Get Out! Magazine Pageant on November 10!