Trent Davis and his gang of Randy Blue boys are gearing to make a splash this pride. Eight – yes, you read that right – eight of our favorite Randy Blue models will show what they’re most proud of Sunday, June 26, at Splash. Among them will be Roman Todd, Nick Sterling and Cayden Ross. We spoke to Trent to learn what the boys have in store.

What can we expect from the Randy Blue boys when you invade Splash this Pride?
We are bringing the pah-ty this pride!

Will we get a chance to meet and greet you?
Of course!  I love to meet my fans.

Have you experienced NYC Pride?
I have. NYC is one of my favorite cities.  The guys are gorgeous.

What are you most proud of this year?
I am doing great in school and I’m having lots of fun with all the guys at Randy Blue.

How did you become a Randy Blue boy?
I was a fan of the site for a while before I sent in my pics.

Besides getting the chance to mess around with sexy guys, what do you like best about Randy Blue?
I love the camera crew but c’mon, we know nothing beats the guys.

Of the other Randy boys joining you at Splash, who is the most reserved of the bunch?
Roman, definitely.

Who would you guess is going to get in the most trouble?
Cayden because everybody, including me, wants him.

What is your message to fans this Pride?
Come out and see us at Splash and we’ll all get soaked together.

– Skip Sheffield


The Randy Blue Boys Invade Splash Bar (50 W 17 St)

Sunday, June 26

For more info, visit