New York clubsters know the power our DJs yield in breaking and making a record. From the days when Madonna stepped to the DJ booth at Danceteria to hand Jellybean Benitez her “Holiday” track to the nights Junior Vasquez spun Whitney’s “Step By Step” into an internationally beloved club anthem, our DJs have long shaped what the rest of the world grooves to.

A new pack of spinners have emerged as today’s leaders in NYC and like their predecessors, these DJs are tearing up floors and redefining the meaning of club music.


Top records heating up Hector’s dance floor:

  1.  “Education” by Hector Fonseca (Danny LeBlack remix)
  2. “Addicted” by Hector Fonseca featuring Jenia (Ivan Gomez remix)
  3. “Peacock” by Katy Perry (Hector Fonseca and Danny Verde remix)

Spinning style: NYC Tribal House with an international Flavor.
Hear him live at: Best Buy Theatre (formerly Nokia), Pacha and special holiday events at New York’s Matinee.

“NYC is still the world’s dance mecca because the best of the best are here!”


Top records heating up Escape’s dance floor:

  1. “Time of My Life” by Black Eye Peas (DJ Escape remix)
  2. “Good Life” by Inner City (unreleased remix)
  3. “S&M” by Rihanna

Spinning style: High energy tribal and vocals.
Hear him live at: Club 57 @ Providence and Verve @ Room Service

“NYC is still the world’s dance mecca because we are always ahead of the curve and everyone comes through this city to play.”


Top records heating up Eddie’s dance floor:

  1. “Dance 2 This” featuring RudyRude
  2. “Keep it Coming” by Mona Monet (Eddie Elias & Escape mix)
  3. “Higher Higher” (Chocolate Puma remix)

Spinning style: Underground cutting edge beats with high energy vocals.
Hear him live at: Club 57, Alegria and Verve @ Room Service

“New York used to be the world’s dance mecca. Brazil and Ibiza have taken over. I am trying to bring it back.”


Top records heating up Tracy’s dance floor:

  1. “Hold it Against Me” by Britney Spears (Tracy Young remix)
  2. “Give Me Fierce” by David Tort
  3. “Sweet Dreams” by Avichii

Spinning style: House, Tribal, Progressive.
Hear her live at: Splash

“NYC is still the world’s dance mecca because it’s an urban metropolitan setting loaded with culture, fashion, the arts, music and film. Where else can you see a ballet, buy a two dollar hot dog, and pick up a pair of Loubitans after listening to a live quartet in the subway? All in a fifteen block radius. This is greatest city on the planet!”