The Sixth Session by Elise Milner, LGBT playwright and producer, has generated amazing buzz and feedback and is unlike any other show on a New York stage right now! “THE SIXTH SESSION” is a new, provocative play that explores the secrets that we all keep from each other and ourselves. It is an intense, emotional, sometimes humorous, raw, edgy and moving play about self discovery and new (and old) horizons. Feisty and ambitious New Yorker Ami and easy going, unmotivated, New Jersian Ben are about to start planning their wedding, and #62 on their “to do list” is to stop in for some pre-marital counseling “for the fun of it.” They meet with the warm, delightful, charismatic and intelligent Dr. Judith Polaski to help Ben and Ami through their “non issues,” and instead shocking secrets, self discoveries and soul searching test every character to the brink of who they think they really are, which leads to the unraveling of all three characters over the course of their “treatment.”
TICKETS are now on sale for “The Sixth Session!” performing May 13-18, 2014!