The REALLY FUNNY comedian, Pablo Francisco


REALLY FUNNY is the only way to describe comedian Pablo Francisco. I laughed the entire time that we spoke, and several hours later, I’m still laughing!

Francisco has a long history of credits, beginning in the 1990s, when he first appeared on MADtv, and then procured his own half-hour special on Comedy Central. He has appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Tonight With Trevor Noah,” “VH1’s ILL-ustrated,” and the list continues.

Francisco is known for his impersonations of Chris Rock, Kermit the Frog, Mr. Magoo, George Clooney, Ricky Martin, Dennis Hopper, Jimi Hendrix and a host of others. As a matter of fact, I got one of the best impersonations of Trump ever during our conversation.

He is currently on tour throughout the country and should not be missed if you really want a good laugh!

You will be appearing at The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, this Friday. What can audiences expect?

Well, we’re going to start the party at the Pablo show. It’s the perfect place to go to bring a date, because the lights go down. I’m able to do all the talking. We’re going to make fun of everyone from Dog the Bounty Hunter to Mark Wahlberg. Steve Kramer is going to be opening up the show. We’re going to basically try out some new material that we got for this one-hour special that we have coming up. It’s called “They Put it Out There.” It’s about making fun of people in a good way. And it’s making fun of everything we see out there now, from the Kardashians all the way to Bruce Jenner changing his gender.

Do you get political?

No, not really. It’s like a vicious circle. We’re trying to do the Trump thing: “Hello, I’m Donald Trump, she said that, and she said this.” It’s fun to watch, but if it’s anything political, it would be like Martin Luther King [impersonating King’s voice]: “I have a dream; I have a wet dream.” Yeah, we get a little political, but not too.

What happens if you’re out there live and no one laughs?

Then it must be the electricity went out, or someone said the N-word, or someone just got shot. I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I’ve been having a good outcome. If it does happen, then we say, “Thank you. Goodnight.” We’ll hit the fire alarm.

Were you born funny?

People encouraged that. I had friends across the street who would make fun of my parents, and then I’d make fun of their parents. It started as a hobby, then the crowd got a little drunker, and we started being selective about what kind of openers we had, but it all depends on how the crowd is. I’ve been on a good roll so far. Hopefully I can continue it.

What comedians inspire you?

I like Carlos Mencia, Joe Rogan. I like Joan Rivers, and I would also say Richard Pryor. Those are my top hitters.

What do you enjoy most about being live?

You’re feeling the energy from the crowd. The more laughter, the more energy. We all become one; we become one big bond. That’s what’s great about it. You get to speak your mind, and people listen, and that’s fabulous.

Is there anything that you would like to promote for yourself? Tell me about your special.

It’s going to be a special; it’s going to be stand-up comedy with some cartoons in it. It would be like a cartoon Dave Chapelle show. Basically we’re going to hit everything from the Internet, the Plavix pharmaceutical commercials. I’ll just tell everyone to start the party at the Pablo show. You can email me at my Twitter and fill in some requests. I’ll be at the Comedy Jukebox, if you want. Start the party, get your buzz on at the Pablo show!