In 1997, the very first Glam Awards took place at Barracuda, hosted by Mona Foot. It was a night created and established by Cherry Jubilee to honor the best of the best involved in New York nightlife. Lady Bunny won the Living Legend Award, and Sherry Vine took home the title of Entertainer of the Year. Each year it became bigger and bigger, and the event continues doubling in glamour and glitz. The talent is fierce, and it’s awesome that all of those who work so hard to entertain get acknowledged.

There is a special and prestigious gleam to participating in the Glam Awards, in every sense. This year it will be hosted by “RuPaul’s” alumni Peppermint and Thorgy Thor, and will be presented on January 21, 2018 in New York City.

I visited Lips to talk to last year’s winners, and to see what they were up to while they posed with Jeff Eason for photographs. On behalf of Get Out! Magazine, we would like to congratulate this year’s nominees and wish all of them the best of luck. You all deserve it!

Jim Silvestri: Best Nightlife Blogger
How do you feel about being nominated again this year?
It’s going to be amazing! I think you’re going to beat me, but that’s OK.

Between you and I, I think you deserve it.
I don’t know, girl, I don’t know. You talked to Diana Ross this year, right?

Chris Harder: Best Burlesque Performer and Best Male Performer
How do you feel about being nominated again this year?
Thanks everyone!

I love your outfit.
Well, you know, a little spandex goes a long way, especially in my case.

Kareem McJagger: Best Party
So why are you at Lips today?
Because Brita Filter won me a Glam Award last year for Best Party, Glow Saturday, which is now at Boots and Saddle. It’s really an honor to be acknowledged by your peers in the nightlife community. Last year was the first Glam Award that I won, after being nominated for years. So it’s nice to be in the winner’s circle.

Honey Davenport: Door Goddess and Club Party of the Year
What are you nominated for this year?
I don’t know, but I was told that I was nominated for a bunch of stuff this year. So just vote for me. Especially [for] my video with Jayse Vegas; I’d love to win for Video of the Year.

Ari Kiki: Best Host
I entertain, and I hopefully do a good job at it. And I get paid, so I’m blessed. This year I’m nominated for Best Comedic Performer. I’ll probably lose to a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” bitch, but I’m OK with that. It’s an honor to be nominated and be surrounded by so much talent…and world peace.

DJ 2Face: Best DJ
Last year I won Best DJ, and this year I’m up again for Best DJ.

Who are you up against? What did it feel like to win?
It doesn’t really matter. It felt great, because I know my peers voted, and because I work with all the drag queens. If you work with all the drag queens, then you are a great person, and you are responsible, and you do your job well. Hopefully people like you then will vote for you.

Vinny Vega: Best Go-Go
Last year for the third year in a row I won Best Go-Go Boy, and it was super exciting and super unexpected, because there are so many amazing guys in that category. There’s a lot of amazing talents that go along with it, so to be selected for a third time is amazing. Then to be nominated again, whether or not I get it, it was still awesome to be nominated so many times. I’m sure whoever does get it, whether it be me or somebody else, it will be well deserved.

Terra Hyman: Best Comedy Performer
Why are you here today?
I’m here to represent the best nightlife in gay history. We’re here to represent the best of the best in the greatest city in the world.

Jeff Eason: Best Photographer
You always win best photographer. How does that feel?
It’s an honor to know that people appreciate the work that you do. I’m nominated again this year for Best Nightlife Photographer, which again is really exciting, because I’ve always been known as a photographer for the magazines. Since unfortunately some of the magazines are no longer around, it’s nice to know that people still appreciate the fact that I go out when I can to where I can.

You’re there for every event.
I try.

Aaron Paul: Best Male Performer and Best Video
Aaron, this is your first year nominated?
Yes it is, and I’m very blessed. It’s yours too right?

Yes it is, and I’m very appreciative also.
To me, just being nominated is like a win.

Again, best of luck to all of those nominated. See you on the 21st of January!

Glam Awards at Public Arts at Public Hotel – 215 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

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