It’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over. Now all you have to look forward to is January cold weather and not already breaking your New Year’s resolutions, right? Wrong! January is filled with the excitement of the NFL playoffs, ultimately leading to the much anticipated Super Bowl XLVI. This year’s 46th edition will take place on Sunday, February 5.

Now tell me who doesn’t like watching grown men in tight pants chasing big oddly shaped balls? What better way to enjoy the Super Bowl than to hang out with friends while checking out hot men with a delicious cocktail and noshing on some good old fashioned munchies? Sounds like a good time! Now the only question left is where do I go to find these alleged hot men, delicious cocktails and good old fashioned munchies? The answer is very simple…BoxersNYC!

You can go to just about any sports bar to watch the Super Bowl, get a beer with some food and check out the guys, but generally that food will be loaded with grease, the atmosphere subpar and most of the guys at those bars won’t appreciate another “dude” checking them out. Or at least they won’t admit to it there.

Another nice thing about watching the Super Bowl in a gay bar is the commercial breaks, which provide valuable “cruise time.” After all, the libido needs to eat as well! And trust me, right at the top of things Boxers has to offer is some of the best eye candy in town. Rumor has it their bartenders will be in those really hot football pants again.

BoxersNYC offers the perfect atmosphere to relax, hang with friends, check out the guys and watch the big game. They have a nice big cocktail list filled with all kinds of goodies to accompany an impressive food menu. You can start off with a nice

wiener (the edible kind of course, they’re a classy place,) an Italian Stallion, Big Top or all out Orgy; no, you won’t have to break your New Year’s resolution about sex in public, these are the names of some of the brick oven pizzas offered at BoxersNYC. Everyone has their preference. If you’re not into wieners, Big Tops, Italian Stallions or Orgies, then grab some wings, nachos or chips. Whatever your flavor, you can get it at BoxersNYC! Just please remember to wipe your mouth after you finish.

In all seriousness, BoxersNYC is THE place to go for Super Bowl XLVI. $20 will get you into the hottest Super Bowl party in NYC, plus two drinks, halftime food and a BoxersNYC rally towel! Check it out at 37 West 20th Street, right off of 6th Avenue, for Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, February 5, at 6 p.m.

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