Gay College Tuesdays at Splash has been reinvented for today’s underclassman. Resident Pop DJ Steve Sidewalk keeps the boys dancing all night long while super hot go-go dancers shake and bop on every surface of the club. Weekly giveaways, competitions, themes and performances are also on the syllabus, courtesy of headmaster Dougie Meyer, who hosts the night’s hot body contest.  Steve Sidewalk explains.

How has the college party been reinvented? 

DJ Steve Sidewalk:  For a while it seemed that college parties in NYC had all but disappeared.  We wanted to bring that fraternity meets spring break party back with an extra hot body contest.  We’re in NYC, home to some of the hottest guys from all over the world.  We’ve got to put them to good use!

What do today’s college boys want in a party?
Hot guys. Great music. Cheap drinks… and did I say hot guys?  That’s why we make sure we have the sexiest bartenders and dancers.  Dougie always finds the hottest guys in the crowd to compete in each week’s hot body contest.

Are you doing wet t-shirt contests?
Try wet underwear contests!

How do today’s ‘students’ compare with the 30 over crowd?
They’re definitely less cruise-y in the clubs. There are many more (dating) options these
days with phone apps and social media sites.

Do they drink more or less?
Definitely more!

What music do they dance to?
Everything from Azealia Banks, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Calvin Harris.
Do they have any idea who Deborah Cox is?
Absolutely Not!

Are muscles in or out?
Definitely in.  Any muscular guy is a sure-fire win at Dougie’s Hot Body Contest.  The twinks rarely win the contests.

Are beards in or out?
Beards aren’t really in for the crowd we typically get. Perhaps that’s more for the bear college scene.

Do they manscape?
AbsolutelyI It’s embarrassing to be in the Hot Body contest and forget to shave.  Dougie calls them out every time!

Do ‘students’ travel to big circuit party weekends like Miami’s Winter Party?
They’re more familiar with Ultra Music Festival than the circuit parties. Their idea of a gay get-away is Fire Island or Asbury Park. They’re more local, less circuit.

Do they think 30 is old?
No, we have a wide range of ages at the party. These days, any age can go to college, technically.

Gay College Tuesdays at SPLASH
(50 West 17th St) is 18 and over (18 to party, 21 to drink).