gaySVTVworld is bringing queers home for the Challah-days this year with “Oy to the World,” eight days of music and merriment, all gelt free!

The fun begins December 24, the first night of Hanukkah, when the all-gay network airs its first of eight new hilarious music videos, one for each night of The Festival of Lights. These eight musical parodies starring Sherry Vine at her Jewciest are for viewers seeking unique Judaic humor that is suitable for goyim too. As a special holiday gift, Vine has recreated popular songs into Jewish carols, like “Jew Christmas” (a rework of “Blue Christmas”), “Jappy” (a Jewish version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”) and “Mohel” (sung to Lorde’s “Royals”).

“Josh and I have talking about doing a Hanukkah celebration for years,” says Vine from gaySVTVworld’s Manhattan studios. “Christmas has always been strongly represented in drag, but to my knowledge, no other drag queen has ever done a huge Hanukkah event like this. After putting the week’s ‘Oy to the World’ programming together, I see why. It’s a lot of work! Christmas is just one day. Hanukkah is eight!”


Vine is a drag icon. She became a national sensation when her hilarious video parodies of celebrities began airing on YouTube. She has appeared in numerous films including “Stonewall” and “Wigstock” and has starred on the off-Broadway stage and in two seasons of Here TV’s variety show, “She’s Living for This.”

It’s Vine’s hope that the Hanukkah videos are seen as not only fun and entertaining, but educational as well. “I’m only half Jewish, so I learned a lot by preparing for the week, including the history and story behind Hanukkah and the job of the Mohel, who is trained in the practice of brit milah, the covenant of circumcision,” she says.

Two-time Emmy Award nominee Josh Rosenzweig, Vine’s partner at, adds: “A few of the videos are just plain old filthy fun. But even the most sordid of videos have little nuggets of information that everyone can learn from.”

Some of the notable guests who will help Vine turn Hanukkah into Ha!-Ha!-Ha!-nukkah this season include Jackie Beat, Alexis Michelle, Miz Cracker, Richard JMV and Richard Cortez. Among the award-winning directors presenting films are Chris Semers, AJ Mattioli, AleksundShantu (Berlin), Kain O’Keeffe, Francis Legge and gaySVTVworld co-founder Rosenzweig.

gaySVTVworld’s “Oy to the World” begins the first night of Hanukkah, December 24, completely free at