Interview C.Nieves
Photos Marco Ovando

What inspired you to get in the gym?
After my twins were born, I started taking the gym more seriously. Working out was a great way to have my me time, which is absolutely necessary. Once the results started to take shape, it became more of an addiction.

As a gay man do you feel extra pressure to be in perfect shape?
Yes yes yes. Absolutely. Definitely. Yes. With social media being so prevalent in everyone’s life, there’s a pressure to be on your A-game and always present the best version of yourself. But I also feel pressure, or rather, a responsibility, to be healthy and in shape for the sake of my children. Not only do I want to set a great example for them (while wearing a Geoffrey Mac mesh crop top of course), but I also have a responsibility to be healthy and be around as long as possible.

Between being being a parent, working in the salon & thriving entrepreneur how do you find time to get a workout in?
I wake up before to sun rises. I try to get it in first thing in the morning.

What’s your typical workout routine?
Right now with summer ’17 coming up, I’m working on leaning out. That pretty much consists of precise exercise for multiple muscle groups, going for 15-25 reps with lots of sets to get that really showy pump. My trainer Aram (@aram_grigorian) gets all the credit, though, for keeping me on goal, even when I’m feeling really lazy.

What diet and nutrition education have you received?
Planning out my meals is the most important factor when it comes to staying on track with my diet. It can be time consuming, and it takes a little fun and spontaneity out of eating, but my ass is grateful for it.

What one thing do you never skip in your workout?
Stretching and foam rolling before and after a workout. A little pain goes a really long way.

What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?
There’s a doughnut shop in NYC called Dough and they make this amazing Hibiscus doughnut that’s basically the size of my head. It’s the most satisfying cheat ever.

Tell us about your shoot with Marco Ovando?
I have followed Marco’s work for years. I figured booking a shoot would inspire me to work out extra hard. My trainer Aram and I set a six week program in place. To say it was rigorous would be an understatement, but we really produced amazing results on my body. Which isn’t to say that I wasn’t petrified still to be half naked in front of Marco’s camera, but it helped me have an extra layer of confidence that got me through the day.

What else do you have coming up ?
I’m working on a new TV project that I can’t really talk about, but is pretty exciting and different for me! I’m also executive producing an independent film called Letting Go. It’s a spiritual film about love in the face of loss, and an ode to mothers and mother figures everywhere.