Showing Love at Night of a thousand Gowns

Yet another giant name is set to perform at Night of a Thousand Gowns: Robin S, whose hit song “Show Me Love” will go down in history as one of the biggest dance numbers ever. 

Robin S has appeared on “The Ricki Lake Show,” “The American Music Awards,” “The Mo’Nique Show” as well as the “RuPaul Show.” She has also recently performed at Long Island Pride.

Ahead of her performance at The Imperial Court of New York’s Night of a Thousand Gowns’ 30th anniversary, Get Out! was able to speak with Robin S about her expectations of the evening as well as projects she is currently engaged in. She was absolutely lovely to talk to, very humble and regular.

So, what are you wearing?
Right now, some sweat pants.

I meant for Night of a Thousand Gowns!
I do have a black gown. I’ll probably be wearing that.

Cool, and you’re going to be performing?
Yes, yes.

I saw you at Long Island Pride recently, and you were spectacular. What have you been up to since then?
Oh my gosh, recently I had another hit with DJ Escape on the dance charts called “Shout It Loud.” I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I have stuff on regular charts as well. I’m writing my own stuff and putting it out myself. On iTunes, Spotify and all that stuff you’ll find things that are not dance, but R&B, which are remixes of the dance songs. I’ve been doing “ME”! It’s no disrespect to anybody else, because I do love my fans. I understand that when you do have fans like that, they don’t ever want to let you go to another genre of music, but I’m 54 years old, and I’m stepping out on faith and doing me.

Good for you; you only live once! Whatever you sing, I’m sure that your fans will love it and follow. You’re an amazing and powerful singer.
Well, thank you so much. You know, I give them what they want. I do the dance stuff. I actually have a song that’s coming out next month. Actually, I have two songs coming out next month. Of course there is another remix of “Show Me Love.” But, I actually have two other songs coming out next month, and they are going to be amazing! I’m giving them what they want, but behind the scenes I’m doing what I want.

Well, it’s very exciting that you will be at Night of a Thousand Gowns.
You know, I’ve never been. Tell me about it.

You will have a blast. I guarantee you it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You just have no idea what you’re in for. it’s amazing.
I’m so excited!

Their red carpet event is better than anything they have in Hollywood. There’s a million queens, all dressed to kill. The energy is like nothing you’ve ever encountered. They are so excited that you are going to be there.
Tell them I’m excited! I’ve never attended, I’ve never sang at one of them, so I’m equally as excited. The adrenaline will be rushing! I really have to get done up now!

There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t know the song “Show Me Love.” How does that make you feel? And what do you like best about performing live
I’ve been an entertainer since I was five. I started out in church. I’ve been singing for that long, but publicly entertaining other people to dance. I’ve been doing that since I was 15. I love it! In most instances, if you catch me in a crowded room, I’m kind of quiet. One on one, I’ll talk your ear off. I like to observe, but to answer your question, when I stand on stage and I see 20 year olds, I’m saying to myself, “God, they weren’t even thought of maybe.” I’m constantly in awe, because there are three generations sometimes standing before me, and I can’t believe this song has lasted three generations. It’s way cool for me. Way cool!

And it’s still going to keep on lasting. Did you write that song?
Well, I wrote some of it, but I never got credit for it, but God gave me everything I needed. He’s still giving me what I need. I think that’s why the longevity of the song is still so prevalent. I didn’t get the back end of it, but I am reaping the benefits of it in other ways.

Regardless, that song was made for you anyway. Specifically, are there any new projects that you can tell us about?
I’m going to be working with Janice Robinson; we’re going to be doing a song together. I’ve been working with a producer by the name of King James Worthy. We’ve written about seven songs, so look for an EP on iTunes. It might be out of the realm of what people are used to hearing, but whatever we’re doing, we are doing a dance remix too. We’re gonna give them what they need.

I don’t want to keep you. I know you’re not feeling well.
Oh, you’re not keeping me. I was in New York on those very cold, cold days, and I think I Inhaled all of New York.

Where are you based out of?

The weather is a bit better there.
Yes, it is. I went to Long Island to visit family. And I took the  Ronkonkoma line, and got off at Brentwood. You have to walk up and over.

I’m from Long Island, I’m very familiar with that walk over and around to get to the parking lots.
OMG, I took all of Long Island inside of me! I dressed in layers. I had three layers on,but it was the wind. I don’t need to say any more, so now I’m trying to get better.

Well, I hope you feel better really soon. You’ve got time before the event!