Music Bear Tony Banks will take the stage at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst, Queens on Thursday, November 9 to perform his latest track “Run” and his hit single “Static”; the first two tracks from his upcoming Yes, Homo album.

While “Static” was a lighthearted track about knowing when enough is enough in a relationship,  “Run” shows a much more serious side to the bear.  The  House infused Hip-Hop jam, featuring out rappers EarthTone and Yo! Majesty’s JwlB, takes aim at police brutality with Music Bear Tony Banks urging fans to get up and do something.

“I want to support our men in blue but first we need to weed out the few that believe their uniform gives them power to harass citizens,” he says.

He believes its important that we elect politicians who are going to toughen up the justice system and hold bad cops accountable.  “We are tired of this so-called justice system trying cops but failing to convict; not even when video evidence is presented.  You can only beat a dog so many times before it’s gonna get up and bite you back.”

Music Bear Tony Banks grew up in Brooklyn during the golden era of hip-hop. Early in his musical journey, he wanted to be singer. He sang in church and wrote R&B songs and poetry. As he matured, he considered a career behind the scenes but found himself back in hip-hop, as an artist.

He believes hip-hop is love. He calls the genre soulful, empowering, fun, beautiful and caring. “What I tried to create with ‘Run’ is a throwback to a time when hip hop songs like ‘Fight the Power’ and ‘Self-Destruction’ were calls to action for an entire community.  These are scary times we’re living in and we, as a nation, can’t stand by idly anymore.”

Music Bear Tony Banks’ first two singles, “Static” and “Run,” are available at  See him perform them live at Blackthorn 51, 80-12 51st Street Avenue in Elmhurst, Queens on Thursday, November 9 at 7pm.  Purchase tickets here.

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