“I’m pretty. I’m from Minnesota. And I use my real, lady-like baritone voice for all my music!”

Without a doubt, Miss Richfield supplied this interview with some of the funniest answers I’ve ever encountered. Although I’ve never met her, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is one queen I must experience.

Her show is called “Born Again,” and she will be unveiling it for all of New York at the Triad Theater, April 10-12. She will be touring the East Coast during spring as well. Her shows sell out quickly, so don’t delay in getting your tickets!

What can the audience expect from your show?
My new show for 2018 is “Born Again,” which is a perfect title to draw in those critical, godless New Yorkers! It’s an exciting multimedia extravaganza of faith, fragrance and femininity. I do it all with new music, new videos, new audience interaction and most important for spiritual wellness, new outfits!

What was your original inspiration for doing your act?
I don’t think my act is inspired as much as required. I feel an obligation to share my beauty since I won the title Miss Richfield 1981, in my hometown of Richfield, Minn. It was an honor to receive the sash and the crown, along with a $50 U.S. savings bond and a brand-new power lawn mower. It was very similar to Miss America, if you’ve heard of that.

Tell us more about the premise behind your name. That sounds like a fun story.
I only go by my beauty title, Miss Richfield 1981. I never release my name publically, mostly for privacy concerns and a sort of manly woman back in Minnesota who rides a Harley and finds me irresistible. If you’ll notice, I also must include the year of my beauty pageant, 1981, so people know it’s me and not Miss Richfield 1982, who got heavy.

What sets you apart from other queens?
I’m pretty. I’m from Minnesota. And I use my real, lady-like baritone voice for all my music. In this crazy world of electronics, headphones and TV, I think people are yearning for something natural and real.

Is there a queen that you most admire, and if so why?
Anderson Cooper is always #1 with me! I adore his smarts, his no-nonsense hairstyle and the fact that he calls Gloria Vanderbilt “mother.”

What do you like best about performing live?
Immediate gratification! There is nothing like it! When you’re in front of a crowd, you hear what they like and don’t like. You get energy from the people. Plus, I think I’m prettier up close, and I get my money right away.

Are you working on any new projects, tours or anything you’d like to mention?
I’ve been touring the East Coast this spring, so I’ll be continuing on to Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Tampa, along with Atlantis Events’ Cancun resort, all before I head to Ptown for the summer. I’ll be doing shows at the Pilgrim House on the east side of town from the end of May to the middle of September. It’s a nonstop party, so plan to attend. But coming to NYC is always such a highlight for me—I love the crowds, the hustle and bustle on the streets and the gals who wear tennis shoes with their dress clothes! I love the Big Apple!


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