Michael Urie – “Celebrating the New Season of Logo’s Cocktails and Classics”


Host of Logo’s hit television series, Michael Urie’s (Ugly Betty), adorable, enthusiastic, smiling face, greeted those coming In celebration of “Cocktails and Classics”, season 4. The series has allowed us to re-visit our all-time favorite movies, while Michael and his guest hosts, who can include the “more than fabulous”, Michael Musto, and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Shangela, (D.J. Pierce), humorously and factually dissect each film, while sipping specially made, themed cocktails.

Amidst the background of the up-scale, fashionable furniture showroom, Calligaris. Michael Musto hosted a gala soire?e, with guests including: Randy Jones (Village People), Robin Byrd (cable TV pioneer), iHeart Radio/internet TV hosts, Jimmy Star and Ron Russell,pop artist, Aaron Paul, fashion editor, Lynn Yaeger, Tym Moss (internet host/ entertainer), and many, others. It was complete with entertainment, lavish cocktails, and high spirits…

I was compelled by his sun-shinning personality, to speak with Michael Urie about the up-coming season, and what films we could look forward to seeing.

Without giving all the surprises away, what’s in store this season?
We did “ Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”, do you know that movie?

I don’t
It’s a classic! It’s a more modern classic. We are sort of splitting up 80’s/90’s movie classics and then some older movies, true classics. We’re doing, “Hairspray”, and “Rosemary’s Baby”.

That’s my favorite movie besides “Mommie Dearest”.
We did “Mommie Dearest” a couple of seasons ago. We’ve got both “Sister Act” movies. We’re doing our rst double feature. We’re doing “Soap Dish”, which is one of my favorite movies.

I know you’re going to have Michael Musto on the show…
Oh yeah, Michael, we couldn’t do it without him. He also by the way is a “Showgirls” expert. We’re doing “Showgirls” this year.

What about Shangela?
She’s back. Absolutely, and D.J. her alter ego is there for “Sister Act”. You love her, don’t you?

With my whole heart!
I love her too. She is such a complete talent, and the sweetest, easy going, well prepared …she always has something wonderful to say.

Isn’t she really, really smart?
Yeah! What’s funny is she didn’t know any of these movies. She’s young.

What else?
Drew Droege will be there, Matteo-lane, ….

What is your favorite move of all times?
“Arthur”. The original “Arthur”. It’s such a good movie.

Have you ever done the movie on the show?
No, but we should. I guess it’s gay, it has Liza in it…
we should do it! Another one that I really want to do that we haven’t done yet… we’ve gotten to do a lot of movies like “The Poseidon Adventure”, “Soap Dish”, Clue”, and next year I’m going to really fight for “Death Becomes Her”, and “Network”.

“Network” is one of the best movies ever.

Besides this, what are you up to?
I’m doing a pilot for TV..we’ll see…