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This year’s new Mr. Eagle, Joseph Macchia, has big plans to give back to the community on behalf of The New York Eagle Bar. He is honored to have been selected and plans to take his role seriously. His goal is to work with former Mr. Eagles in presenting some new parties and great events and urges people to continuously check The Eagle’s website ( for more information.

He also wants people to know that you don’t necessarily have to be into leather to visit The Eagle; The Eagle welcomes everybody. Get Out! shared some questions and answers with Joseph, and we congratulate him on winning the competition.

PHOTO BY Flash Onyx

How did you prepare to become Mr. Eagle?
This was my second time competing; I had done the contest in 2014 and was the second runner up, so this time around I knew what to expect. However, you never know the questions the panel of judges will ask you during your interviews. When you register to run for Mr. Eagle, you fill out an application about yourself personally and about the community service you do. Also, knowing some history about the bar and the leather community is helpful. For me, this time it was about the person I was the first time I ran and the person I am now. When I ran the first time I was fairly new to the leather community. So I have learned a lot by going to leather events, going to the bar and watching the past Mr. Eagles during their title years and attending other contests. I also am a different person than the one who competed in 2014, more confident and outgoing, which is important in being Mr. Eagle. During the competition you are given a pop question, which is usually a fun question. They are looking to see your personality and how you are in answering a question totally off guard.

What do you have in store for your reign this year?
I will be hosting several workshops and fundraisers. I recently co-hosted a benefit with the former Mr. Eagle 2017, John-John Punki, called PIEL, a Latin leather dance party for the people of Puerto Rico. We raised over $1,700. In November I will be hosting a rope bondage workshop, and then on December 14 a benefit called Snowball Naughty or Nice. The benefit will raise funds for my charity, Help Is On the Way Today.

PHOTO BY Flash Onyx

We assist and work with children, teens and youth living with HIV and AIDS. The fight against AIDS is far from over, and I want to continue to have a conversation about prevention, PrEP and living with the disease. There is still work to be done. I will also be working on cancer awareness with my campaign #KnowYourBodyListenToIt. My goal is to make people more aware of the messages our body sends us. In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage one testicular cancer. I ignored my body for several weeks after finding a small lump. Finally, when I decided to go to the doctor, the lump turned out to be cancer. In May I will compete in Chicago at IML and represent the New York Eagle, as well as working with Team Eagle on Cycle for the Cause. One of my goals is to work with the former Mr Eagles on some kind of event later in the year. Starting in December I will also be hosting a bi-monthly bar party at The Eagle, so check out the Eagle’s website for more information.

What does this mean for you on a personal level?
Being Mr. Eagle is a tremendous honor. … This is about family. The leather community is an amazing group of people who give back so much to the community and each other. I wanted to be part of that. I am extremely proud to represent The Eagle as well as the leather community. I look forward to the year ahead and see[ing] what I can offer to the community this year.

What is your favorite thing that The Eagle has to offer?
That’s a great question. First off, they have some of the best music I have heard in the city, and on any given night of the week they have great parties and events. The Eagle is also about giving back to the community, hosting many fundraisers throughout the year. During the summer the beautiful rooftop is open, and it’s just a great place to meet new people and hang with friends. One of my favorite nights is Wednesday for the weekly Jockstrap Party. What made me come back after my first time was that I felt like I found a bar where I could be myself. And that is my favorite thing about The Eagle.

What can you tell the public about The Eagle to coax them to visit?
You don’t have to be into leather or kink to come to the bar. I think some people, including friends of mine, think that you have to be into that to come to The Eagle to have a good time. I have taken several of my own friends after work, and what I can say is that they are now regulars at the bar. The Eagle is a bar where everyone is welcome. You will meet a lot of great people; from the guys at the door to the bartenders, everyone is welcoming. Whether you own leather or not, come on down, put on a pair of jeans and boots and head to the bar. I guarantee you will have a great time, and while you’re there you can always pick up some leather or even a jockstrap at the ManSkins store on the second floor.

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