With all the treats during the holidays and chocolate during V-Day, here are a FEW tips to ensure that you stay looking great!

  • 80/20 rule. If you eat and make healthy choices 80% of the time, you can treat yourself 20% of the time. This is a nutritional golden rule that helps you stay consistent, find balance and avoid “yo-yo opposite extremes.”
  • Portion control. Don’t unleash your inner Precious! Eat six to eight SMALL meals every two to three hours to help rev your metabolism. SMALL meaning instead of eating a whole sandwich try eating half a sandwich with a piece of fruit or veggie and save the other half for a couple hours later.
  • Water. Unleash your inner Ariel (while still holding back your inner Precious!)  Sometimes when you “think” you are hungry your body is really THIRSTY! Drinking enough water daily (half your weight in ounces) fulfills your body, and you are less likely to indulge (or overindulge) in food or sweets. Our blood circulates our body and becomes thick; water thins it, increasing our circulation and providing NATURAL energy! Water facilitates the digestive system, removes toxins and impurities from your system faster, keeps your metabolism working properly, cushions your joints, provides oxygen and nutrients to your cells and gives your skin a healthy and nice glow.

I place far greater importance on improving my character and the strength of my integrity than any physical work. A great body does not = a great person. Prioritize your efforts to find true balance. I’m not attracted to people because of their physique. I’m attracted to people who are positive, genuine and dedicated to improving their own character, and you should too! How you treat others, how you behave when no one else is watching, the decisions you make that place others before yourself, when you do what’s right even when it’s most difficult… that’s what character is all about. So while I encourage you to be fit, remember to exercise your good character as hard as you do any other muscle! I’m looking for SERIOUS people to personally coach for my Beachbody Challenge Group who are serious about a fit life transformation. Contact me for details!