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One of the most talented and funniest queens to hit New York City has become one of the most well-known and popular nightlife and Fire Island personalities to emerge in the last 10 years. There are not many people who haven’t heard the name Logan Hardcore.

Although she thrives on insult comedy, there is another side to the sometimes very bold queen. As the summer unravels, you will be able to see her at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove every other Friday night, and each and every Saturday afternoon doing the pool show. If you can’t wait till then, catch her at The Stonewall Inn in the West Village every Thursday night.

So, Logan, what is your Fire Island like?
Oh, boy. My Fire Island is almost hard to describe, because once you’ve been there you can’t really describe how basically magic it is, and you’re not going to get that feeling off of a TV show. It’s a safe haven; it’s somewhere you can just go and let your guard down. Even though we live in the day and age we do now, we still are constantly aware of what’s going on around you. Out there, it’s almost like you get to be carefree and live the life that
you want to live, no matter
what that is.

What do you have planned for this summer?
Well, this summer, instead of doing every Friday, I will be doing every other Friday alternating with Holly Dae, and that kind of gives me the time to put in a little more effort working with people on video things, a couple of settings and more on a production. Saturday I’ll be with Brenda at the pool every week. I’m not going to do the Sunday pool show, except for every couple of weeks when I feel like being a guest. I’m just toning it down a bit and trying to enjoy the island instead of working 24/7.

How’s married life?
Married life is lovely! Everyone says it’s so different and sucks. We were as close as I thought we could be beforehand, but then we got married, and we got closer. We don’t fight about the small shit anymore. Out of anyone I know, who thought that I would be the one getting married?

Photo Credit: Preston Burford

So I say to people all the time, if I can do it, there’s hope for everyone.

What are you up to in the city these days?
I just do Thursdays at The Stonewall Inn.

You just finished hosting Aaron Paul’s “Every Life Matters” video release. How did that go?
It was a lot of fun. I just loved the music video. I loved all the performers. It was a great crowd. I like Aaron a lot. I really enjoyed it. I love to host.

You’ve been doing drag for a while now.
This is my 10th year.

Since you’ve started, how has it changed for you?
For me, when I started, I was going out seven nights a week, for free. When I started, we started because it was fun. We weren’t looking to get a TV show and all the fame and notoriety. So for me the only thing that’s changed is I treat it more like a business now. I’m not running around for free. I get in drag, I do my show, and then I get out of drag. I don’t run around and carry on. It’s a business now. It’s not just hobby lobby.

And how do you think that drag has changed in general?
Everyone and their mother wants to do it. Everyone and their mother can do it, because of YouTube. Everyone is very entitled. They want to start working and making $1,500 a show when they have nothing, no credibility, they haven’t worked a gig in their life. Everyone thinks they are the new up-and-coming thing, because they’re all watching the same damn makeup YouTube channel. No one has an individual character anymore. They see who’s going to be the hot queen on “Drag Race,” and they all try to be that.

If you had the opportunity to be on “Drag Race,” would you do it?
Absolutely! Any queen that says they would not do “Drag Race” is lying to your face. As  Bianca says, it’s the golden ticket, and anyone that wouldn’t take that and make the most if it is really stupid.

I totally agree with you. Where will you be in 10 years, and what will you be doing?
Dead. I hope to be working still. Hopefully I can transition more towards comedy. I love the shock aspect of insult comedy. So I hope to be doing a little more of that. In 10 years I will probably have a kid and own a house. I’ll be an old, married queen. I’ll have six kids running around, and I’ll be yelling, “SHUT UP!”

You have a reputation of using that insult comedy, of course in the best way possible. How do you think that came about?
I mean, I lived with Bianca for five years. She became one of my best friends. We hung out every day, and it was just part of our banter. I tried to put it into my show. I got arthritis in both of my knees, so the dancing and throwing myself around has kind of lightened up a bit. You know, a lot of people think that they can do it, but a lot of people can’t. You have to have a backbone. Like, last night a woman was screaming that I was a racist. Of course she was a fucking white woman.

Doesn’t it always happen that way? What happens when someone goes back at you?
I’ve said a lot of things. You can call me a lot of things, but #1: I’m a man in a fucking wig; it’s all a joke. Number 2: People are too goddamn sensitive these days. If you wanna be a miserable fucking cow from Brooklyn, go stay there. Go and live your life, but don’t ruin everybody else’s life. I’m not afraid for people to come back at me. I can take it, because I dish it really hard. The rule #1 for me is know you’re the joke. I know I’m the biggest joke in the fucking room. So if people wanna go back at me, I have no problem. I could take it. If you want to have a civilized conversation that’s one thing, but standing up in a bar and screaming is a complete and utter waste of your time.

Well, I believe that there are a lot of strange people walking around on Earth today.
You got it!

Photo Credit: Preston Burford

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you want to happen?
I saw this video last night of Alyssa Edwards. I believe she’s in Peru. She walked out to a stadium of people going ballistic for her. Bianca is getting to do all these things. I would love to have a one-man show, traveling and selling more than just day-to-day theatre. I would like to have a great show, big audiences, people that just understand what they’re seeing, enjoy it and are appreciative of the crap that I’m providing.

Any last words?
If you come to Fire Island, don’t base it on anything you’ve seen or heard. Make your own experience, and enjoy the fuck out of it. Enjoy the magical place that we get to go to for a few months. And come to the pool show at 3 o’clock.

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