“There’s  More to him Than Modeling”

Producer of some of the biggest fashion shows during “Fashion Week”, in New York City”, as well as throughout the world, the sexy Logan Curtis has also been modeling for the past 5 years. Representing some of the biggest companies, Logan has also been responsible for some of the worlds most well known fashion designers, including Stevie Boi.

One of the most effervescent personalities, I  caught Logan on the eve of a huge commercial campaign, and directly after an enormous fashion show he had just finished producing with his brand new company: “Spectrum Creative Group”.  He gave Get Out some insight as to what to expect this fall for “New York Fashion Week”…

Logan Curtis, as well as producing and modeling is also an actor and entrepreneur as well.

So Logan, what has been going on with you?
I just finished style week here in Charlotte. It was a whole week, and we had designers from all over the world. It’s just like having all of the shows in New York Fashion Week, compressed into one show. It was a really good show, and we’re working on New York fashion week right now. We’re planning the same space that we had last fall, and we’re starting to get our team put together. We’re gonna have 5 shows in one day. There will be 5 designers, and we will have intermissions, each Designer will have his own show, at “Studio 450”.

You are also in the midst of preparing for a TV commercial which you will be starring in…
Yeah, I’m going to be in a bathtub with a really fine looking young lady. I need a 12 pack, so I’ve been working with an Olympic body builder 6 days a week, for about 8 weeks now. I’m so ripped now. I’m representing an Indian designer and she’s releasing a men’s wear collection, with gemstones, and completely over the top stuff. She chose me to be the face of her new men’s wear collection.

She made a good choice.
She said said she wanted a gentleman, a little edgy. I have a 46 inch chest and a 30 inch waist. I have a lot going on, but I’m most excited about New York.

So wait… You’re a model and producer?
I’ve been modeling for about 5 years now. I shot for Petrone a while ago…the team really loved the photos, and they are planning to do the actual shoot in Cuba.

Tell me a little about your company?
It’s called, ” Spectrum Creative Group”. My partner Erica, is  a master stylist herself. She produces style week twice a year in Charlotte. We’re going to be doing a lot of events in New York. We’ve been asked to produce other events for fashion week, by other designers, it’s really taken off now. We are putting together an international tour right now for Stevie Boi. Eventually we will be doing major fashion throughout the globe.

That’s crazy…
Yeah, so Erica stays behind the scenes, and I’m the front man. We had 37 members of the press at this last show.  We will also be doing something with Oxygen Network as well in September.

You also dabble in films, correct?
I did my first film last year. The best thing that came out of the whole thing with my involvement in the film, is I basically came out of the whole thing with 20 new friends.

So Logan I want to wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, your shows, your commercials, and I’ll see you at my book signing the end of July.