BY Phil Bessemer

The first collaboration between twice Grammy-nominated music maker Tony Moran and powerhouse vocalist Kimberly Davis produced last summer’s #1 smash, “My Fire.” Now the two are following up it with a new dance floor scorcher that
is pure perfection for the spring season of love, “You’re Good for Me.”

It’s an empowering track that blends dance with R&B for an urban pop record that celebrates the very important people who bless our lives. It also reminds anyone waiting for love that their special someone is out there.

After the wild success of “My Fire,” you must have known you would need to follow it with another song.
Tony Moran: We knew it would be a good idea. Luckily, we had already recorded “You’re Good for Me” for my “Moodswings” album, so we were just waiting for the perfect time to release it.

Kimberly Davis: I wanted to release “You’re Good for Me” right away but Tony, Mike [Greenly, songwriter] and everyone at the label thought it best to hold until now, right at the beginning of the spring season when everyone is ready to fall in love.

Who or what inspired “You’re Good for Me?”
Kimberly Davis: The idea for the song came about through a conversation I was having with lyricist Mike Greenly. It was one of those deep talks that got me thinking about all the many dreams I’ve had throughout my singing career that, for whatever reason, fell apart. Oh, how I grieved for them, but upon reflection, I came to realize that for each disappointment, right before I was about to leap off the deep end, I always found the most important man in my life there beside me.

Is that Tony Moran?
Kimberly Davis: I’m lucky to have many wonderful men in my life. First is my boo, my husband, my soulmate; he makes each moment worth living. Then I have my musical Prince Charmings, Tony Moran and Mike Greenly, who inspire me to sing my heart out every day and night. But the man that is always beside me, through good times and bad, is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though he may not always give me what I want, he always gives me what I need, and deep in my soul, I know that everything happens for a reason.

How did you two start working together?
Tony Moran: I first heard Kimberly on her amazing “With You” single. I loved the song, and I remembered being transfixed by that voice.

Kimberly Davis: This little thing?
Tony Moran: There is nothing little about your instrument! It was like listening to Whitney or Mary J. I knew right then and there that I needed to get her on my “Moodswings” album.

“Moodswings” is your album of original dance songs sung by leading dance artists, including Martha Wash.
Tony Moran: “You’re Good for Me” is the sixth single release from “Moodswings.”

It has yielded three Billboard #1s: Jason Walker’s “Say Yes,” Zhana Roiya’s “Lick Me Up” and, of course, Kimberly’s “My Fire.”
Tony Moran: It’s been an amazing experience right from the beginning. Collaborating with talented artists is what drives me in my artistry. I thrive off the brilliance of true artists.

Did you know right away that you had a #1 hit on your hands with “My Fire”?
Tony Moran: I did.

Kimberly Davis: I didn’t. I prayed for it, but I never imagined it would actually happen. We definitely have to give props to the gay clubbers. They’re the ones that brought the song all the way to #1.

It’s still on heavy rotation at most gay clubs. Have you performed it at Pride events?
Kimberly Davis: Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to play a handful of them! I love a live crowd. There is nothing like connecting with an audience and witnessing how happy the music makes them. Seeing a mob of people twirling to your song is magical.

As the lead member in Chic, you get to perform stages around the world. How did you become a part of the legendary group?
Kimberly Davis: I was working a regular 9 to 5 when I learned about the audition. I left my job at lunch time, and hundreds of girls were lined up! When my time came, I belted out the classic Chic song, “I Want Your Love,” and the manager handed me the itinerary for the rest of the year, right in front of all the other girls still on line! I went back to work, gathered my things and quit that day. That was eight years ago. I’ve been with Chic ever since.

Did I read that you were almost part of En Vogue?
Kimberly Davis: Yes, I was asked to replace one of the girls for a world tour. It’s actually an example of one of the things in my singing career that, for whatever reason, fell apart. Everything happens for a reason. If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s up to me, as it is for all of us, to keep our eyes on the prize.

Tony Moran: You’re the prize, Kimberly.

Kimberly Davis: Is it any wonder why I love this man?

What’s next for you guys?
Tony Moran: We’re busy promoting “You’re Good for Me.” We’d love to get this one to #1, too! Then, of course, more music, more collaborations…

Kimberly Davis: I’m looking into doing some acting as well. I’m ready for it all.