Singer-songwriter Kenyth Mogan has released a new Spring music video, ‘It Was Love’, and it is one of his best musical works to date.

Mogan’s vocals are crystalline and crisp in this lush love track, reminiscent of Savage Garden’s ‘I Knew I loved You’.  It can also be  likened to Mogan’s 2015 hit ‘Unlock Your Heart,’  a song that is up to nearly 1.5 million views on Youtube.

‘It Was Love’ was inspired by Mogan’s first boyfriend, a young love he thought would last forever.

“We were in high school and like most first romances, it wasn’t meant to last,” he explains from his home in Los Angeles. “We reconnected in college, but by that time, the magic was gone.  We did remain friends.”

Sadly, his first love passed away in 2008.

Mogan has released several impressive tracks in the last few years.  His latest was the powerfully revealing ‘Real Me‘.

With his growing fame, he aims to be an example to children who identify as LGBTQ.  “If I can show one little gay kid that life does in fact get better, than I will feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

To check out ‘It Was Love’ on iTunes, click here.

Overall, Kenyth Mogan showcases a tremendous deal of talent on  ‘It was Love’. It is infectious and recommended for fans of Ed Sheeran. Its music video is not as elaborate as the ‘Unlock Your Heart’ video, but its message is equally compelling.  The near-stellar track garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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