by Samara Riviera

I’ve collaborated with many artists in the past but one that I’ve been working with in recent years has inspired me more than anyone else. SAG-AFTRA actor, writer and ASCAP musician Keith Taylor stands out from the rest, the bitch does it all. From producing and starring in his own short films to writing and producing his own music and now getting ready to publish his own poetry book. Keith is a throwback to talents who do it all and do it fabulous! \He’s been on tour promoting his latest EP The Stage remixed and revamped all the while collaborating with some of the most talented LGBT artists in New York. He’s made stops at several of the New York pride events, the LGBT Expo and several local clubs. He now readies to shoot his third music video Silent of off his latest EP. Ladies and gentlemen I bring you Joy Boy!

You came out to NY at a young age?
Yep at 18 I hitchhiked from the Midwest to NYC if I didn’t leave I would have been killed or driven to suicide because I looked like a girl.

Which do you prefer the old NY or the new NY?
Old, I miss the in your face NYC!

Would you ever leave NY?
Nope but I do need a vacation in the sun with lots of young Latin men.

Tell us about your music?
In the beginning, it was poetry that I had written about my journey here in NY but I was inspired by the Eurhythmics cd “Savage” and Siouxsie and the Banshees “Peepshow” to put my poetry to music & to tell my story which turned into 2 short films The Last Day & The Stage both screened at NYU Film Festival.

How much control do you have over your career?
I’m the producer, I’m the agent, I’m the manager.

You performed at both Queens and Brooklyn Prides. What was the difference in crowds at both Prides?
The crowd in Queens wanted to be entertained, dance & have fun but Brooklyn was heavily family orientated, so much politics and carefully organized not to offend so in the end I had to change my words to my song Star! (I’m The Fucking Star!) to Star! (I’m the Superstar!) and watch my mouth.

Do you think only LGBT artists should perform at Pride events or is it OK for straight allies to perform?
The stage should be shared it’s all about diversity, right?
But the ones who are complaining are the relics who don’t want to get off the fucking stage or let alone share the spotlight with another LGBT artist.

You pointed something out to me about Queens pride. While it’s mostly people of color at that event all the models advertising the merchandise of the event were white washed. Thoughts?
Greed comes in every shape & colors and even in your own kind, anything for a dollar honey.

Why do you think some LGBT NY talents rise to mainstream fame and others get stuck in the community?
They’ve fucked the right person or fucked over people to get to the top but still they want to say they represent the LGBT community but really all they just represent is themselves & the red carpet. Then there’s the ones you can see the desperation in their eyes to be famous and it’s depressing because they don’t know how to hustle or run with the wolves like we do gurl.

Tell us about your acting?
I’ve been busy promoting my new cd The Stage Remixed & Revamped! now available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon music so not much acting going on here since I was your shady Broadway agent Miles in your short film “Linda” but I do miss the theatre but for now I’m on a different kind of stage.

What other projects are you working on?
Later this fall I will be working on my book of poetry & art when completed a 2019 book tour.

How do feel about the success of FX Pose?
About fucking time! Now I can relate to these characters. 10’s across the board!