I caught Josh Grimm, personal trainer and founder of FITNUT, outside by the Piers after training a client in the beautiful prelude to summer weather.

So you train your clients outside?
Yeah, sometimes. I train in a few different places. In the summer some of my clients request outdoor training.

What is the name of your company?

It’s called FITNUT. I’m a health coach.

What is a health coach exactly?
I’m certified health coach, so I went to school to be licensed to be able to write meal plans. I can do anything that a nutritionist can do except work in an actual medical facility. I can write books on health and fitness, and legally do it, and give legal advice to my clients about nutrition.

What’s your main goal for your clients? What’s your approach to fitness?

Mine kind of stems from when I was in Southeast Asia for five months. I was traveling around last year. You have to be able to create your workouts, like getting all your body groups in. Sometimes I didn’t have a gym, so I had to be able to create it with my own body. So I started doing a lot of plyometrics and kenpo karate and things like that. You’re actually using your own body weight to work out with. I incorporated the bulk of kenpo karate, which I took a couple of years ago, and plyometrics and created my own approach.

What is plyometrics?
It’s kind of like a lower body explosive movement—for example, like a box drop, limb kicks, lunges, squats. Things you would need weight training for. A lot of athletes train with a lot of plyometrics, because it teaches positioning, endurance, balance.

And what kind of karate were you saying?
Kenpo. It’s just a form of martial arts. It’s a lot of jabs, hits. So it would be upper body movements with the arms. You would actually have gloves and bags. You would have some squat jumps. It’s actually a full body movement.

Why were you traveling? Was it for fitness?
No, it was just for peace of mind. I wanted to escape and clear my head for a few months. I went with my ex when we were together, and we just left the city and went traveling. This was my second time. The first time I went for a month and a half, and this time for five months. That’s where my heart is.

You said you had an ex, so are you available?
No, I’m seeing somebody else.

How many people do you train a week?
Right now I have about 12.

Do you belong to a gym? Do you train them at a gym?
I train at Exceed in Tribeca and at Complete Body.

How long do you personally train a week for yourself?
I go to Equinox probably five days a week and one day a week outside on the pier.

How much to you weigh?

How tall are you?

How much body fat do you have?
About 9%.

If someone wants to find you, how would they do that?
They can go to my website, which is I’m on Facebook (Josh Grimm) and Instagram @joshgrimmfitnut.

How long have you been training, and why did you start?
Five years, I think. I started because I wanted to learn more about my own body. I’m completely OCD about writing programs for my clients, about proper form and technique—that’s where I excel. I like to make sure my body is in perfect alignment, and I wanted to learn the science behind it.

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