I have had the pleasure of knowing openly gay talk show host Jason Galka for several years. As a matter of fact, I actually appeared on his shows as a judge for a drag contest he orchestrated early in his career. He walked into Ruby Tuesday’s with his fiance John, wearing a periwinkle tee and a huge smile. While I was prepared to talk about his career, his fame and fortune, he was more than willing to confess his sexual escapades to the world. all, of course, relating to his brand-new show, “A Ship Called Relation.”

“I heard you’ve moved to Manhattan?” I ask him.
“Yeah, we’re doing the Jason Galka Show in Manhattan based out of W 59th Street. But my most recent project, I was hired to do a brand-new show called “A Ship Called Relation,” which is live every Wednesday and filmed here, live on the Island. It’s kind of nice to be back home doing that.”

Curious to know what the premise of the show was, I asked him what it was about. He had an expression of pure excitement on his face as he explained, “We talk about everything that has to do with relationships, first dates, online dating, sex…” “Size?” I interrupted. “Yes, dick size. Everything that has to do with relationships, and now I’m getting a blog so everything I have to censor out – because sometimes you have a different audience tune in – I’m gonna lay it all out in my blog.”

I then asked him if he was going to continue to do “The Jason Galka Show.” “I’m going to still do the Jason Show Monday at 4 p.m. on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and out on Long Island on Thursday at 12 midnight,” he said. “I’m still doing my celebrities; I love their gossip. I’m still doing some inspiration stuff, but I like getting more ‘racy’ with this new relationship show. We’re talking about sex, things you need to know. We’re offering advice based off everything I’ve learned. I’ve been in good relationships, bad relationships, alcoholic relationships, so I’m not an expert, but I’ve lived and learned. I’m offering advice on what I’ve learned.”

I inquired if he was the only one giving advice or did he have guests on the show as well. He answered, “We have guests, also a panel with three other women.” “With you?” I asked. “Yes, with me. I am the ‘man’ on the panel. We’re talking about all these stories that people wrote us. They are offering their straight advice, and I’m giving my gay twist to it. It’s fun!”

Jason is also known for interviewing many celebrities, so I asked him his all-time favorite interview. “Miss Ricki Lake,” he answered. “She’s a fun person. I met her two years ago at her book signing. I interviewed her off camera, but it was a chance to meet someone I admired growing up. As much as I loved her talk show – there was more to it than that – she struggled to be in show business. She had a dream. She did everything she could to achieve it. She’s just been an inspiration. We talked about her show, about her new marriage because she had just gotten married to the love of her life. It was interesting. We’re like the same person: She lost a house, I lost a house. She got divorced, I got divorced. She got remarried, I got remarried, so to speak.”

I then had to remind him that I introduced him to his fiance, John, who sat quietly waiting for the waitress to take his order as I asked them both what was going on between them. John answered, “A June wedding is planned,” as he lovingly looked at Jason. “It’s been two years now.”
I asked: “So let’s say I wrote into the show about the size of my boyfriend’s penis. Let’s just say that the fact that his penis was small bothered me.” “SIZE DOES MATTER!” he said with all confidence. I then admitted to being a size queen and facetiously said that it was suggested I have a threesome. “What would your advice be to me?” Jason answered: “Well, certainly something like doing a threesome can spice it up a bit. Absolutely. It kind of allows you to explore other options so to speak, but you’re not stepping out of the boundaries of being in a relationship. You’re in something that’s new, fun and exciting. At least that’s been my experience. To me, being gay, I guess that sex is a big part of the relationship – especially gay men, I feel are so very sexual. I’m very sexual. I could do ‘it’ all day, every day. To me, if the sex isn’t there, what’s left? Sex is more than just sex. It’s an emotion, it’s kind of how you display your affection for the person that you do love.”

“Were you a whore?” I asked him. “I was whored,” he admitted, and added quickly, “Prior to two years ago. I was a really good flirt, and that led me to be a really good whore.” Jason looked at John as he continued to say, “But you made me whole now. I look no further, but SIZE DOES MATTER!” he added once again. We had a long laugh, and then I asked Jason what was the most funny sexual experience he ever had. I also told John to hold his hands over his ears.

“It was probably doing a threesome. In the summer when I was 19 or 20 years old, I did it with two really good friends, more like friends with benefits. We were on a nude beach behind the dunes, and there was a group of people crowding around us. We became even more excited. I was in love with an audience, which is why I’m doing a talk show.”
I then decided to go right ahead and ask him: “Are you a top or a bottom?” Without reservation he answered, “Bottom.” “What happens if you encounter another bottom? Who wins?” I asked. “I haven’t come across that situation entirely,” he said. “I’ve been with guys who claimed to be bottoms, but because they wanted to be intimate with me, I changed them to a top.” At that point John chimed in, totally wishing to change the subject. He commented on the fact that he had been on Jason’s show to talk about “jealousy,” which was a big deal to him since he is petrified to be in front of a TV camera. He reminded me of a particular New Year’s Eve when someone tried to kiss Jason, and John actually threw him across the bar. I then put the question to either one of them: “What’s the longest you’ve ever had sex?” Jason proudly jumped in and said “two hours.” “That’s not that long,” I replied. “Well, I’m not that young anymore,” John said. Jason then added, “Well prior to John the most sex I’ve ever had in one day, full penetration, eight times.” I then asked John why his face was turning so red, and he exclaimed, “It’s getting hot in here!”

“Jason, what’s your biggest fantasy?” I inquired. “Five guys waiting for me, five tops waiting for me.”

“You’re a superhero; what are your powers?” I asked. “Something sexual,” he said. I told him I didn’t realize he was so sexual, to which he replied, “I’m very sexual, just ask him,” as he pointed to John, who sat there blushing. “What’s your favorite thing about humanity?” I asked Jason, trying to keep him out of the gutter for a moment. “Equal rights” was his answer.

“OK, you’re naked in a store window, and you’re holding a sign. What does it say?” I asked. “Back in the gutter,” he remarked, as he answered, “Hashtag enter from behind.”

“Pick two celebrities to be your parents,” I asked. The answer: “Joan Rivers. She would be about the right age, and she’d be the coolest mom ever, and Pierce Brosnan.”

“First time you ever had gay male sex?” I asked Jason. “God, I was 18, and it was with a neighbor that lived down the street where I lived with my mother, and what was even funnier was that he was a school teacher, and I worked with his significant other. But, they had an open relationship. So lucky for me his partner was a top and I was discovering bottom skills, so that was my introduction to sex. It was actually a threesome. It was with both of them, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I met somebody and we did it by ourselves.”

He continued: “These are all things that nobody would ever know about me. ‘Hamptons Magazine’ did a nice article on me, but nothing like this. This is more fun, and when you’re gay you can say anything!”

Jason summed up what he is currently promoting: ”’A Ship Called Relation’ is every Wednesday 10:30 a.m. on Recently I interviewed Mark Ruffalo about ‘The Normal Heart,’ because we were both in it together. I was cast for a new Web comedy called ‘Ringers.’ I’m playing a reporter, but right now I’m focusing on hosting and kind of stepping away from acting. Hopefully in 10 years I will still be doing red carpets and talking to celebrities and still hosting a talk show. It’s what I eat, live and breathe. It’s not even about the fame or the money, but just being able to love what you do.”