Jackie Dupree is a queen of many talents. Ruling the karaoke world of New York City nightlife, she hosts a full-blast karaoke night four times a week and sings in her own voice. The Detroit-born queen is about to release her brand-new single “I Don’t Want You No More” at a release party on Tuesday, October 24, at Boxers HK at 8 p.m. with DJ Scotty Rox and some other surprise guests, and the whole world is invited!

The new single and video were produced by Joe Mode of WayOutWorld Productions, who also produced the short musical film “Love Finally.” It will be streaming on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. On October 31, she will be hosting a special Halloween edition of Tuesday Karaoke at Boxers as well with DJ Vio. There will be a costume contest and special giveaways.

Dupree wishes to give a special shout out to her drag mother, Andrea L’ Amore Harrington, and her drag daughters, Spicky Hilton and Celine Soulution. Dupree, aka James Coles, also wants to give a super huge shout out to The Gay Football League of New York, where he’s been playing for 16 years. They are currently preparing a journey to Boston, where the Gay Super Bowl will take place.

I spoke with the animated and talented Capricorn, who derives her influences from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, about all her current endeavors and future plans.

PHOTO BY Wilsonmodels

You do karaoke quite often in the city. Where and when?
They might as well call me the new karaoke queen, because I host karaoke four nights a week. On Tuesday nights I’m at Boxers HK on 59th and 9th from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. On Wednesday it’s at The Tool Box on the Upper East Side on 2nd Ave. between 90th and 91st from 10 to 2. On Thursday nights it’s at Sweet Bar. I’ve been there the longest, for 16 years, which is on Amsterdam Ave and 109th Street from 10 to 3. And then on Fridays I’m hosting karaoke in downtown Newark, New Jersey, at QXT on Mulberry Ave and Elm Street, and that is a happy hour from 6 to 10 p.m.

Doing it 16 years? You must hold a really good karaoke show.
I love what I do. In order for someone to be at a job, you have to love what you do. I love hosting karaoke, and I love interacting with people, the reactions I get from people. I always open up with a couple of numbers. I get to know the crowd and get them up there to sing. The first thing I always tell them is, “This is not ‘American Idol’ or ‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘The Voice.’ It’s karaoke, so do not boo. If you boo somebody, I will stop the singing right in the middle and bring that person up, and they better be able to sound way better.” I make my karaoke fun. I’m not a rude drag queen.

You have a brand new single coming out, correct?
Yeah, I’m having a single release party on Tuesday, October 24, at Boxers, HK. That show is from 8 to 10 with Scotty Rox, the DJ. I love him. I reached out to him because I saw him at Drag Con. It’s a dance track, and it’s called “I Don’t Want You Anymore.” It will be followed by karaoke. I also wanted to mention that Halloween falls on Tuesday, so we will be open for karaoke at Boxers, and we will be doing the Halloween contest as well. It will be a best costume contest.

What else is going on in your life?
Well, just as long as I’ve been doing karaoke, for 16 years, I’ve also been on the gay football league. I’m a center. This weekend in Boston we go to play the Gay Super Bowl.

Gay Super Bowl? I didn’t know there was gay football. You don’t play in heels do you?
They always tease me and say, “There’s a big linebacker in drag, ladies and gentlemen.” That’s the thing, when I was approached 16 years ago I was doing Barracuda Star Search. I had seen flyers posted up about the gay football league. So I thought just like you, and I didn’t want to play with a bunch of pansies, but NO, girl. It’s flag football, but they play rough. When I saw how rough they played, I told him that I couldn’t play defense. They would love to use me for defense, because I’m a stocky guy, but I see how they all get bruised up, and I do drag for a living. We play against all different gay bars in New York. We do the Super Bowls every year in different cities.

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