‘Music to Me Is Very  Sexually Driven’

Popular nightlife DJ Eddie Martinez will be unleashing his newest 13-track, original release on August 16. A follow-up to his 2014 album “Hybrid,” Martinez has written, mixed and mastered “Foreplay,” a release that is inspired by passion, lust and a story to go with it. The album features some up-and-coming artists and celebrates a journey through a compilation of all the genres of dance music. 

Get Out! had a heart to heart with Martinez and discovered him to be a blast. He was candid, humble and very well versed in the art of music.

What can fans expect to hear on your new release?
It’s a 13-track album. I produced it, I mixed it, I mastered it, and there are two discs. One is all the tracks, and the other is a compilation of all the songs together. It was a fun project.

What kind of music does it offer?
It’s all house music, but it goes through the genres of house, like progressive house, tribal house, tech house, techno. And there’s kind of a story in the music. It starts off high energy, happy, fun, and then it gets a little darker, and it kind of ends that way.
What’s the name of it?
The name is “Foreplay.”

“Foreplay,” I love that. Are these all songs that you wrote?
I made everything. I have some vocalists on it, but yeah, I made everything.

How long have you been a DJ?
I’ve been DJing for 11 years, and working for about seven.

What’s the biggest party that you’ve performed at?
I did Roseland Ballroom for New York City Pride in 2010 and 2013. I did it twice. That was the biggest one.

Do you play Fire Island?
Yeah, I was there Memorial Day at the Pavilion.

What do you enjoy most about DJing? Also, what made you decide to become a DJ?
I love to watch the crowd. I like to see their reactions and to see what people are doing. I used to be a professional dancer. Music has always been in my blood. A friend of mine and myself, we used to always go out to parties, so I tried to do it. I played around. It started as a hobby. Then it progressed and progressed and progressed.

Tell me a little more about the album. What inspired its creation?
Well, it’s actually my second album. I came out with one in 2014. So this one—actually, what really inspired me, which I really don’t want to admit—I had a really bad break up in March. I started working on some music just here and there, and then it just grew and came full circle. Most of the tracks are kind of vague, but it’s a story telling about the whole relationship. Music to me is very sexually driven, which is why a lot of people like it. A part of it is with the break up, and part of it is about that. Music to me is: You meet someone, you put music on and you can get along and vibe off the music. That’s why I call it  “Foreplay,” because it can lead to other things.

How long were you with this person?
For six months.

For only six months, and you got an album out of it? That’s a good deal!
Well, it was a lot of new stuff that I’ve learned, and I haven’t felt that way since high school. So all these feelings came back, and it was pretty intense. It was just a lot of lessons learned. So I needed to channel all my emotions somewhere.

Well, I would go thank him.
No, that’s too much work!

How can someone get this album?
It will be on iTunes, Amazon and all that stuff.

DJ Eddie Martinez’s
Top 10

1.- Free (Club Mix)
Eddie Martinez

2.- I Need U (Tribal Edit)
Eddie Martinez

3.- Divas To The Dance Floor
(Eddie Martinez’s 42nd Street Mix)

4.- Like A Man (Original Mix)
Issac Esscalante & Xavier Santos

5.- Do it Properly
(Jackinsky & Ramos Tribute Mix)

6.- Do You FK As Well As You Dance
Tribal Gurl Project

7.- Paradigm (Eddie Martinez Remix)

8.- Get Up, Stand Up (Remixes)
Bent Collective

9.- In My Head (Original Mix)
Eddie Martinez

 10.- Want You To Want Me
(Original Mix) – Eddie Martinez