Hookd, the newest online dating app, is rapidly becoming a phenomenon. Hookd has reinvented the approach to meeting a partner, a companion or a soulmate and promises to revolutionize the entire online dating industry. Based on the fact that Hookd operates on a real-time request rather than on a profile basis, it will save the user precious time and will result in a better match.

The app has initially celebrated supreme success in Spain, Israel and Asia. Launched globally only 4 weeks ago and already has over 70,000 downloads. The app offers new features that enhance safety, security and transparency.

In a universe surrounded by technology that is constantly advancing, especially in the world of apps, Hookd has discovered an innovative formula that suggests an up-to-date focus on dating apps altogether. The user broadcasts to their local area in real time what they might be looking for, similar to a tweet. If there is an interested party, they can respond via private chat. This will decrease endless hours of searching through profiles. It also limits public photo uploads to be taken with the app’s camera, and ends the problem of Photoshopped and outdated pictures. We all know how that goes!

Gay dating apps still continues to skyrocket in popularity, as evidenced by Grindr, which reports over six million active users, and Scruff, which claims to have over 10 million participants. According to Hookd, though, those gay dating apps tend to be flawed by outdated pictures, fake profiles and false information.

Hookd founder Daniel Joseph is the former vice president of Product for Screez Crossmedia (producers of real-time interactive apps for global TV broadcasters) and has 15 years of experience managing dozens of apps under his belt. “Hookd offers a totally new, effective and efficient way for men to meet whilst still giving much importance to privacy and safety,” Joseph says. “It creates an environment of transparency for the users, which aligns to the new social norms of gay casual online dating.”

For those who aren’t familiar, real time is the actual time during which a process or event occurs. Data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available immediately, which is a more reliable foundation to meet someone.

Hookd does away with the frustration and disappointment associated with the millions of unwanted messages, obsolete and misinformation regarding profiles. Aside from the disillusionment of false profiles, what a person wants may be subject to their mood, their specific aspiration of the moment and even the time of day. Hookd allows for the desire and need of the moment since it’s based on real-time.

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