You may recognize Vic Banker and Rob Urban from many of nightlife’s hot spots such as RockIt, Club 57 and the former XL.  Collaborating due to their mutual love of working out and everything healthy, Rob and Vic are starting a cold-press juice company specializing in raw and organic green juices called URBAN GREENS.  The idea materialized due to people’s lack of greens in a complete and ideal diet. URBAN GREENS literally has its roots in their 2,000-square-foot garden in Astoria.  Rob and Vic grow their own green produce, juice it in Rob’s kitchen and deliver it to their customers.

Now, due to increased demand, they are moving to a new home at The OUT Hotel, home of BPM and KTCHN. With a never-before-used commercial kitchen on the second floor, URBAN GREENS has found its home base. “We absolutely love our new space and the hotel that surrounds it,” the duo says. It’s a perfect fit since the hotel offers dog house suites that will soon carry URBAN GREENS doggy treats, a raw and organic doggy treat made of fibers that are left over after the juice extraction process.

URBAN GREENS offers a full line of both green and fruit juices along with delicious, raw veggie and fruit role-ups. It’s a delivery business that will do on-demand deliveries in the Hell’s Kitchen area as well as a weekly delivery route all around Manhattan.  All their juices are available exclusively in glass bottles.  Like the milk delivery businesses of the past, the company strongly promotes the bottles be returned for a deposit. “Starting as growers and cultivators of our own produce, we strive to be as eco-conscious and grounded as possible. Glass makes the most sense to maintain the integrity of our perfect product and for the benefit of the environment.”

URBAN GREENS will be available to the public in limited quantities soon at