“Get 2 Kno Me,” says Yaysh in her provocative new pop/reggae track, releasing this week. The song is a sweet, gentle, relaxing little ditty with Yaysh inviting listeners to be honest, vulnerable and willing to take that fearless leap into life’s unknown. “We are all so afraid of being judged and letting people see our flaws. It prevents us from feeling good about ourselves and allowing others to love us for who we are,” she says.

She takes a big step into life’s unknown, appearing fully nude in the song’s music video. She explains how it was an exercise in confronting and conquering her own fears of nudity. “Sometimes we have to jump into our phobias so that our thinking doesn’t get the best of us.”

Yaysh is aware that she presents a unique challenge to most people. She is an androgynous-looking female, white MC and a singer who often crosses musical genres. “People often want to label me a lesbian but I prefer pansexual because I occasionally find sexual chemistry with men,” she explains, clarifying, “usually black men.”

She believes sex is healthy, good for the soul, and may be the answer to many of life’s problems. “We are so good at war, why haven’t we mastered love yet?” Yaysh wonders. “If people’s sex lives were better, they would feel loved and be more willing to release love to others.”

She hopes her music helps to launch a movement that inspires human connectivity and the embracing of diversity. “I want my fans to be friends with each other and to be motivated into being kinder, more daring and open to learning about others, rather then assuming they know them based on preconceived notions. I hope my music stimulates hard conversations around our own personal biases.”

Yaysh grew up a rebellious youth in Denver. She struggled in school and would often sneak out of her home to hang out with older boys from the hood. As she grew older, she became an avid meditation practitioner and found that it, combined with music, enabled her to care for her mind and express her thoughts freely. “I found freedom through music and meditation,” she says.

She later moved to LA where she takes special pride in writing all of her own lyrics and music. “I am completely, thoroughly and fully myself in my music. I don’t think about it. I just make it. Sometimes I’m feeling soft and sweet, deep, and romantic and sometimes I want a club banger. Sometimes I’m pissed off and sometimes I want to be sexual and spicy. I do have quite a mouth on me and lyrically and topically, I would say I am pretty raw, blunt and out spoken.”

Botton line: Yaysh is a deep bish and every one of her songs has meaning and intention. “Get to know me,” she suggests. “I think you might get woke to the bigger reality that no one truly is how they appear.”

Yaysh’s new single, “Get 2 Kno Me,” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. Visit her website.