In today’s digital age, celebrities are being discovered online daily. Justin Bieber owes his success to YouTube. Sean Kingston was discovered on MySpace. Soulja Boy created SoundClick, YouTube and MySpace pages to promote “Crank That,” which later nabbed him his first Grammy nomination.

We scoured the gay Internet –, Manhunt, Queerty and Dlist – to find the next Web Gay-lebrities. We think we found them in the witty, sarcastic and adorable digital entertainment reporters, Stevie and Keith.

It’s April Fools! Between the two of you, who is the bigger fool?
Stevie: Keith is goofier.
Keith: I don’t think goofy means fool. Fool is like town drunk. That’s not me. Tara Reid is a fool, not me!

How did you boys first come together?
Keith: Our paths crossed at We’ve been friends ever since!

Were you ever a romantic couple?
Stevie: I did have a sexual dream about Keith once.

Stevie, what’s the one thing fans would be surprised to learn about Keith?
Stevie: Keith is a complete video game nerd.

Keith, same question.
Keith: Stevie has three nipples. No, seriously. Stevie doesn’t spend more than $15 on a piece of clothing. Stevie loves a deal!

Who has been your favorite interview?
Keith: I spoke to Julianne Moore at HRC’s NYC Gala. It was an incredible experience!

Keith, is the countess aware of your remarks that she can’t sing?
Keith: Money can’t buy you a vocal coach.

Stevie, when are you going to teach Keith how to dance?
Stevie: Keith can do a lot of things, but I don’t think dancing is ever going to be one of them.

What do you guys hope to achieve?
Keith: One word. KEN. The Keith Edwards Network.

When will you know you have made it?
Keith: I hope to never think I’ve made it, because that means there’s nowhere else to grow.
Stevie: I think we live in a world where we can always keep growing and push ourselves to that next level that might not exist yet.

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