In celebration of Veteran’s Day, GayswithKids is running a story on two gay military dads who are raising their two-year old daughter Kylie post Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.   Out army doctor Johnathan and his navy-reserves nurse husband Josh say that while much progress has been made for LGBT service members and their families since the abolishment of DADT, not everything is perfectly equitable.
For instance, while military facilities offer straight couples assistance with in vitro fertilization, gay male couples in the same units do not get them.  Also, though things are better when serving domestically, LGBT service members face legal discrimination abroad, limiting career opportunities.  Josh says that if he were offered a promotion to a post in Germany, he would have to refuse it as his husband and daughter wouldn’t be able to go with him because Germany doesn’t recognize US anti-discrimination  laws.
Despite the few glitches, Josh does feel it’s a great time for gay people to consider joining the military… including transgendered individuals.  This summer, the Pentagon announced that beginning in 2016, transgendered personnel will be free to serve openly.
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