Drag Queen, DJ, Recording Artist, Go-go Boy, Pageant Slayer: Honey Davenport


getout-cover-honeyd-webWhat got you started as a drag queen?
I used to dance back-up for Peppermint and Sherry Vine. Then Sahara moved right across the street and introduced me to Deja Davenport. I was completely blown away. Sahara and Deja helped me sculpt the drag persona that had been burning inside me. I had always had a desire to perform with my full potential fabulousness, but it wasn’t until I was surrounded by so many great queens doing it so well that I gave myself the permission to light my own little flame. Now it’s a bonfire.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done as a queen?
I once got so drunk that I couldn’t find my shoes after a show. Almost had to go home barefoot. Thank God Mitch Ferrino helped me get a cab. I really love getting lit, but I try to not get that turnt anymore. That’s my motto now: “Lit, Not Turnt.”

Who are your musical inspirations?
Beyoncé, Beyoncé and Beyoncé. For true. But seriously, I have been inspired by many musicians. My new singles are particularly informed by Robyn, Janet and Kelis.

Who is your favorite queen in NYC?
That’s a hard one, but I have to choose my daughter Kareem McJagger. He/she is so talented, and I keep getting newly surprised and delighted by whatever crazy aspect s/he’s just brilliantly added to his drag. I am also a huge fan of Brita Filter. She is a force to be reckoned with. Tammy Spenks is always a kiki. She literally has zero fucks to give, and that’s my kind of girl.

As a pageant queen you have held many titles. Which do you currently hold?
More than I can name while hungover. (So much for not being turnt.) But I am super excited to be Miss Fire Island 2016. That place is magical. I do a party called Spunk there, and I have my very own show. I even snagged Fire Island Go-Go Boy of the Year. Expect to see me out there a lot this summer, always turning the party.

You DJ and you go-go. Is there anything you don’t do? Meth.

Is it hard to be a go-go boy and a drag queen?
Not at all. Drag queens are boys. I happen to be a sexy one under this makeup, with a hot ass. I always like to shake it, whether or not I’m in a lace front and heels. Sometimes you feel like a tuck, sometimes you don’t. If you want to catch me with it all hanging out, check the Cock or Ice Palace (on Fire Island), which are my regular go-go gigs!

What’s your favorite party in New York?
Why must you make me choose?! I will start with “Party of the Year” Manster at the Monster. But you know I love boys, so it’s a tie with Luis Gomez Presents: Spunk, [and] I also love Gay College Tuesdays at the Ritz. What can I say? Apparently my favorite parties are the ones I work.


So you’re working on new music? When can we expect some new tracks from you?
Tyler Stone and I have teamed up again. He produced the original version of my track “Indestructible.” This time, I feel like I am being 100% true to myself as an artist. I won’t rush it, or try to use it to accomplish some other thing. I just want to create something truly excellent. Making good music takes time. But sit tight! Early 2017 I will be dropping some sick new beats.

I loved your video for your last single, “Trouble.” Are you planning any more fun and exciting videos?
Yeah! My next single, out this spring, is called “Push It to the Middle.” I am shooting an awesome video with a dope concept directed by my good friend James Barker (DJ Chaotic). He was the DJ for my first-ever drag show, and we have been dying to do a video together.

What artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?
Sean Paul, RuPaul and Paul McCartney. I just think that would be an epic collab. I am excited to work on my first collaboration in a long time with up-and-coming pop singer Jayse Vegas. We got some cookies in the oven right now that are gonna be fire!

What advice would you like to give to future generations of upcoming drag queens and recording artists?
Have fun. Be yourself. Changing to fit other people’s molds never leads to true artistic bliss, and, even worse, rarely leads to success with any longevity. And never touch meth. It’s gross.