Director/writer Nancy Vazquez talks to Lovari about her latest film, “Matters of the Heart (M.O.T.H.),” recently screened at Cityplex 12 in Newark and various U.S. film festivals.

What inspired you to create this film about the foster care system?
The foster care system has failed so many. Some are separated from their siblings, others are bounced around never knowing where their lives will be uprooted and too many are further abused in a system that is supposed to protect them.

The film conveys a mostly serious tone. Was there any scene that was emotionally or physically difficult to film?
Yes, Linda was a difficult character to embody, because she dealt with her pain internally. Linda wanted you to feel her soul through her silence.

In addition to directing and writing the film, you are also one of the lead actors in it. Tell me about the experience of balancing out the three.
I believe wearing many hats may present itself as a challenge, but that is part of the life of an indie filmmaker. I also worked with a very reliable team, which is always a blessing. What worked for me in “MOTH” was to film the majority of Linda (my character’s) monologues first. They were emotionally dark, so I wanted to make sure that was conveyed in the most effective way possible.