Dina Delicious: ‘Reverse the Beat’


Trans pop diva Dina Delicious has just released her newest track titled “Reverse the Beat,” an optimistic, positive, buoyant tune that celebrates the pride of self. It is available on iTunes and other digital venues.

Raised in Brooklyn by a single mom, Dina Delicious is a well-known NYC-based transgender nightlife personality, recording artist and actress. She proclaims that her music “is an extension of my personality: wild and unpredictable,” set in the dance music/club genre. She goes on to say, “Ultimately, I want my music to get fans a gorgeous party experience that everyone is invited to.”

I spoke to Dina, who is busy touring various clubs all over the country, partaking in several Prides and preparing to release more music. She believes that, “People matter. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community, and if there is anything I could do to change people’s lives for the better, I’ll do it, forever.”

I love your new release. Tell me about it.
Oh, I’m so happy with it. We started to shoot the music video a few weeks ago. I rushed it, because I had to perform it for Pride, for ABC. Usually I would have the video ready and done, but everything happened kind of quick. Then I went to San Diego Pride. In the interim, I’m also in a film and theater conservatory, so I just had a busy few months. I can’t complain about that at all.

Busy is good.
Yeah, busy is good.

So are you planning to tour with this new release?
Well, we’re going to finish the video, then I had the two dates in New York and San Diego, and now I have six other cities that I’ll be going to in the fall. I’ll be going to Florida, Chicago, Atlanta, Palm Springs, I’ll be back in San Diego for a club booking…yeah, it’s great. It’s going well. There will be a whole bunch of songs coming out that I’m going to release individually, and then package them as an EP instead of bringing it all out at once. People don’t consider music the way they use to. Especially for an independent artist.

That’s a great idea!
I feel like “Reverse the Beat” will be a song that will live forever. It’s a classic theme. It’s relatable to everyone.

It’s a great song.
I’m so happy with it. Thank you for saying that. I love hearing people’s reaction to it. In San Diego I really got a great reaction, because it was a huge crowd, and New York City Pride it was a huge crowd, but we were doing it more for TV, for ABC. For the broadcast, you kind of don’t know what’s going on, because you’re dealing with different cameras, and the march was going on. So it was a little different for me. I’m used to doing New York City Pride in a different way. So this year it was a totally brand-new experience for me. It was fun, because it was different. It caught me off guard, which kind of pushed me a little bit more. I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t like regimented, because I’ve been doing it for a while. It was also the first time I ever performed the song. I never performed it before. So I didn’t know what to expect. It was a good moment. I’ll never forget it. I liked New York City Pride.

I love NYC pride. There’s nothing like it anywhere.
No, not at all. That’s why it’s getting bigger and bigger, because it’s preparing for World Pride. There is a lot of preparation. Everything has got to be down to a T. It’s going to be beyond.

So did you name the new EP yet?
No, it’s not named yet. I haven’t named it yet, because there’s one more song I really would like to add to it, and I think the last song might be the name of it. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to name it. I have more than I need, but I have to kind of go by the thread of the EP, and then I’ll name it.

Did you write all the songs?
Yeah. I have some co-writers after I write it, but musically I come up with the whole concept. The song, the lyrics, everything. Then we sit down and rework it and what have you, but it basically comes from me.

I didn’t know you were a songwriter as well.
“Reverse the Beat” I’ve had for so long, but I changed some words, I re-recorded it and I thought it was just time to let the baby go. Especially with the political climate being what it is, I wanted to do something very empowering. I wanted it to be a really feel-good and empowering song that speaks to so many communities. I never try to write from a place just for a specific audience; I always write for everyone. This song is for everyone, because we all go through stuff. Sometimes we need a little push, a little bit of positivity. There is so much negativity going on. I’d rather focus on the positive. I don’t have the energy to give to negative.

What would be your ultimate stage fantasy?
For me, I’d love to be with a live band, definitely with some crazy sets. I would love to have some dancers. I’m not really big on having tons of dancers, because sometimes they can be a distraction. A great band and of course amazing clothes and good hair help, people there to have a good time and just people there that are full of life. The best way to entertain is playing for a lot of people at once. I guess Madison Square Garden would be my ultimate fantasy, or Radio City Music Hall—something really historic, something that has a history, that you could say, “I did that!”

Do you have an idol?
I would definitely say that I’m very influenced by some of the legends of pop music. I’m definitely influenced by Madonna, Britney Spears and Nile Rodgers—he’s very inspirational to me. As far as production wise, I look at Dr. Luke as a producer, because I think he’s just amazing. I refer to a lot of that work when I’m working on my mixes. Pop music and dance music has changed, and it’s all evolved, I think in a good way. I’m all about harmonies; harmonies are very important to me. I like it to have a bubbly feeling to it, and there has to always be a sweetness. Even if I was to put out a dark song, there would have to be some sort of sweetness to it. There has to be a yin and a yang to everything. I don’t think anything comes just one way.

Anything else that you wish to promote?
I’m doing club appearances, the music video. I’ll be touring across the country with the music for the next few months. Look out for the music video, which will probably come out at the end of August, then there will be a new release.

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