On June 19, the new hit film “Cherry Pop,” featuring Bob the Drag Queen, Detox, Latrice Royale and more, will premiere at NYC Pride at the SVA Theatre in partnership with NewFest. Without giving too much away, the film follows a night in the life of a failing drag bar and its effervescently colorful performers. It covers everything from the onstage antics to the backstage backstabbing, and the vicious clique of the queens.

This riotously funny film features “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 8 winner, the hysterically hilarious Bob the Drag Queen, who I caught in the midst of her busy schedule to talk about the movie as well as what she’s been up to.

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Hey, girl. You’ve been busy.
I have been busy, yes I have.

So what role do you play in the new film “Cherry Pop”?
“Cherry Pop” is about a bar that features a brand new drag queen every week, and I’m the host of the show. I’m the show runner, I’m the show coordinator, and it’s a role that I played years ago under the name Kitten With a Whip, before I changed my drag name. Assaad Yacoub was the producer and director of the film. He would go to Stonewall and always beg these drag queens to be in his movies. He was so sweet and young, I said yes. Then it ended up, years later, he got funding for a feature film, so luckily I said yes.

So it’s the same director from years ago?
Yes, same guy. He did my “Purse First” video. He’s remarkably talented.

I feel like we’ve spoke about him before.
Yeah, I mention him a lot. He’s a big part of my career.

Is the character you portray similar to Bob in real life?
Well, to be honest, the character is really similar to me. Basically, when I did it years ago, he said play yourself. Actually, before I did “Drag Race,” I did host several drag shows here in the city that featured all the girls. I also ran a show in The Monster for years, and a lot of the issues that I would go through on a weekly basis there, we would run into during this imaginary world that we lived in.

What was your funniest experience while filming?
Probably, there was a scene where I had to break down a door. The door was really flimsy. So I had to act like I was running into it, but I would hit too hard and the whole building would shake. So trying to act like I’m breaking the door down was a really interesting scenario.

Is there a favorite scene of yours in the movie?
My favorite scene Is probably the scene where Latrice Royale gets sick during one of the girl’s performances, but I don’t want to ruin it for everybody. It’s really funny.

So the movie is premiering during Pride?
It actually premiered at the Queer Out Festival. Outfest has a special festival for Queers with Color, and we premiered it in LA back then. This will be the New York City premiere.

Will you be present?
I more than likely will be present.

Photo Credit: David Ayllon

Aside from the movie, what else are you up to?
Well, you know I have my standup comedy documentary coming out. It’s called “Suspiciously Large Woman.”

How exciting!
It’s going to be very funny, and I’m really excited about it.

Can you give me a sneak preview?
Well, it’s basically my view on Trump’s America, Beyoncé, “Drag Race” and white people.

I love it already! Are you still doing shows in the city at all?
I don’t do too many in the city anymore, but when I do have a chance to perform in the city, I do. I mean, this is the city that made me.

What do you think the reaction to the movie will be? Do you think everyone will go nuts over it?
Yeah, it’s got me in it, Latrice Royale, it’s got so many great queens in it. I think it’s catchy and it’s campy, and I think they will really enjoy it.

Did you have fun working with Detox?
Detox is one of the best actors I’ve worked with. She is actually such a good actor it shocked me. She is so good. I did not know she was so good of an actor. She really threw me. She was so amazing.

Would you say that you have the lead role?
No, the lead role is actually played by Lars Berge. Of course it would be lovely to say I am, but I have a good role.

Anything else that you want to add?
Go see “Cherry Pop,” go see “Suspiciously Large Woman” and go to

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