Best known for his award-winning portrayal of Javert in Les Miserables on Broadway, Hayden Tee has released a brand-new  make-up tutorial video that is also a cover of Lukas Graham’s “Seven Years”.

In the video, Hayden incorporates his skills as a seasoned make-up artist to illustrate the passing of time.  Directed by Alexis Korin Castagna and filmed on location at Cobbstar Studios in Sydney, Australia, the video is only 4 minutes long, but by its end,  Hayden Tee has miraculously aged into the 60-year-old man in the “Seven Years” song.

Hayden Tee sings the song penned by Graham — about a man’s life and dreams — while transforming himself into an aged man.  ”I thrill at the challenge of the quick change,” he continues.  “In theatre, it’s a rush to make sure I meet my curtain call.  With the video, I wanted to challenge myself to complete a look within the set period of time in the song.  I knew I would be utilizing many of my skills at once, so I figured why not take it one step further by singing the song at the same time?”

His version of “Seven Years” is less pop than Lukas Graham’s.  He worked with his long time musical collaborator, Nigel Ubrihien, to create an arrangement that is lush and cinematic, as if it could fit into a film score. His vocals are accompanied by a 41-instrument symphony from Budapest.

“Like most people, I often think about the evolution of my life, my legacy and the difference I can make in the time I have left,” he reflects.

Hayden Tee began his professional life as a make-up artist in New York and London, most notably as the key artist for fourteen designers at New York Fashion Week.

Make-up and fashion continued to be a creative outlet for Hayden, even when his acting career took off.  Today, with numerous musical theatre credits to his name, spanning many productions around the world, Hayden takes pride in having always done his own make-up, including his award-winning portrayal of Javert.

Hayden Tee on Broadway as Javert

He says he enjoys transforming himself into characters and hopes the song and video inspire people to join in the fun.  “Many of the techniques are easy to do at home and would be fun to try this Halloween!” he says.

Kylie Clarke Wigs supplied the wig in the video.  Connie Dyson consulted on make-up.

Hayden Tee on set of the “Seven Years” video.

Is the 60-year man at the end of the video an accurate depiction of how the renowned stage actor expects to look at 60?  “In terms of skin and hair, it’s probably very accurate,” he says.  “I don’t believe I’ll grow a beard in that style, however.”

Of course, what will be more important is the man beneath the skin and hair.  Hayden Tee is optimistic that his 60-year-old self will look back on his story feeling that he has made a positive contribution to the world and that he has many more years to create crazy new ways of expressing himself creatively.  More than anything, though, he hopes his 60-year-old self has family and friends around who can warm him.

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