> By Tom Corliss

Big Apple Circus and the Biggest Stars of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Meet ‘Under The Big Top’

This year’s 10th annual “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Halloween show is taking place “Under the Big Top” at Lincoln Center. On Halloween night, ringmaster Bianca Del Rio will be joined by a multitude of spooky and deadly circus acts from Big Apple Circus as well as special guests Violet Chachki and Kameron Michaels.

“We are always looking for the next big, unique idea that will drop jaws and leave people in awe,” explains the show’s producer, Brandon Voss. “So when the idea of uniting the Big Apple Circus acts with our drag talent was first presented, our creative minds began spinning.”

With three of the most popular performers in drag right now and a top-notch group of circus acts, “Under the Big Top” promises to be the greatest show on earth. Bianca Del Rio explains more.
He promises it will be a show not to be missed. “Back in the old days, going to the circus was a glamorous experience,” he continues. “We’ve built a show that will transport audiences back to that golden era of spectacle while also celebrating Halloween.”

Have you ringmaster-ed a circus before?
Yes, I called it being on “Drag Race.”

What does the job entail?
Hell if I know. Isn’t it obvious yet that I simply make this sh*t up as I go along?

Will Violet Chachki’s aerial death act be her final performance?
We can only hope.

Might we see you up on the trapeze?
No, you will not see me up on a trapeze. What, do you want me to break a f***ing hip?

What other acts will shock and awe audiences at Under the Big Top?
I think I may try to hold a conversation, or maybe even some light banter with Kameron Michaels. That would sure as hell shock me.

Will there be any clowns?
Yours truly.

What do you love most about Halloween, Bianca?
You know, it used to be the dressing up part, but with my career, I do that every day. Now it’s more about the drunk white bitches trying to be woodland creatures. I love them.

Who do you plan to dress up as this year?
Something you don’t see every day: a drag queen with talent.

“Halloween: Under the Big Top” takes place Wednesday, October 31, at 8 p.m. at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park (62nd Street and Columbus Ave). Tickets are $49 to $159 and available at